Models 101 Canberra – A Different Kind of Modelling Workshop

  There is a common perception that modelling is easy. You pose, you walk, you pout. Coupled with the perceived glamour of the industry, perhaps this is why there are so many aspiring models waiting for their big chance. But the truth is, being a successful model isn’t as easy it looks, it requires more than just a symmetrical face and a perfect body. You need to be able to express yourself without words, be aware of your body and know your best angles. You must be professional, take direction and work well within a team. And on top of… Continue Reading

Slow Fashion Workshop

  The rise of fast fashion and the increasing consumer demand for the latest trends has cemented the fashion industry as one of the world’s biggest polluters. Textile waste, toxic chemicals, and pesticides used in farming are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the impact that the clothes we buy and wear have on the environment. An increasing number of designers and fashion labels are stepping up to make a change in the way they practice business and if you are thinking of starting a label today, there is no question that it should be an… Continue Reading

A Style Workshop with Swiish

  With the change of season comes that oft dreaded task: taking a good, hard look at our wardrobes. What pieces are still working from last year? What can be carried over from summer with the clever addition of opaques and a jacket? What do we need that’s new? If you are one to follow what’s hot and what’s not, the new season also brings with it another difficult task: navigating the trends you want to buy into. Luckily for us we have sisters Sally Obermeder and Maha Koraiem from fashion and lifestyle website Swiish on hand to help. On… Continue Reading

Alex Carson – 11: Eleven Workshop

  One of Australia’s most successful commercial dance exports, Alex Carson, has forged an incredible career overseas performing for the likes of Janet Jackson and Gwen Stefani. We had the privilege of sitting down with her to not only talk about growing up in Canberra and her amazing career (stay tuned for our full interview) but also about a workshop Alex is leading in her hometown of Canberra, 11:Eleven. Designed to help people wanting to enter the professional dance industry, this workshop will cover a range of subjects all of which are crucial to getting a start in the industry.… Continue Reading

A Champagne Masterclass with the Champagne Dame Kyla Kirkpatrick

  A little while a go we had the pleasure of attending a champagne masterclass at the Canberra Centre hosted by the rather incredible former banker and financier turned ultimate champagne dame Kyla Kirkpatrick. Not being much of a drinker myself, champagne or otherwise, my excitement level, while ample, were not at the level they might have been at, say, the opening of a new shoe store. Nevertheless, once I took my seat, feasted my eyes on the beautiful glasswear, sweet treats and the dame herself, I felt a familiar thrill of anticipation bubbling up inside me. After being introduced to… Continue Reading

Men’s workshop with Mitchell Oakley Smith

  The Canberra Centre’s Eden continued its string of masterclasses last Saturday with something for the boys: Scotch & Watch, an evening of suits, watches, and whiskey with Australia’s premier fashion journalist, Mitchell Oakley Smith. Upon arrival we were greeted by a space well laid out with male grooming products on display and a try-me desk containing a variety of colognes and moisturisers. The food had a distinctly masculine theme to it with tiny cheeseburgers and duck (at least I think it was duck) wraps. And of course there was the bar which, while filled with quality booze, had only… Continue Reading

Interview with Talisa Sutton

  Recently The Canberra Centre hosted the second in a series of style workshops, this time with Talisa Sutton, founder and editor of the hugely successful fashion and lifestyle blog Badlands. As well as running her own business, Talisa has worked with Elle Magazine, Vogue and many Australian fashion labels. We had the pleasure of chatting with Talisa in between Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA) and a trip to Hong Kong to find out a little bit more about her and what is in store for those attending this weekend’s workshop.   Emma: After working for a print publication,… Continue Reading