Healthy Eating and Holistic Wellness with Hippie Lane

  The Canberra Centre has been bringing their workshop A-game of late. After rolling out a series of amazing beauty masterclasses to coincide with the launch of the new beauty precinct (catch up here), the Canberra Centre has brought back its health and wellness destination Eden for its second year. The first workshop of the Eden Series was a masterclass with Taline Gabrielian, the founder of Hippie Lane, a business centred on holistic health and wellbeing as well as delicious nourishing food. Taline has a huge presence on instagram, a successful app and has just released her first cookbook. But… Continue Reading

Inside the Ancient Practice of Tai Chi

  Tai chi is an ancient exercise art of health building, power development and inward advancement. A holistic art, tai chi has centuries of evidence showing that it can meld the mind, body and spirit into one. The goals of tai chi are multidimensional with a strong emphasis on how to keep your body as young as possible as you go through each phase of your life. A class in tai chi is geared towards boosting your level of health. This is achieved through deliberate, slowed down movements which strongly affect the nervous system and tendons. Tai chi movements are… Continue Reading

Health and Fitness with Tim Robards

  Today’s workshop at the Canberra Centre had the most attendees that we have seen for some time. Although the food from Thrive was delicious, the juices from TopJuice divine, and the goodie bags on point, it might just have been because the person leading the health, wellness and nutrition workshop was none other than the original Bachelor himself, Mr Tim Robards. And yes, he was every bit as chiseled of jaw and ripped of body as he appeared on TV. You may not know (we certainly didn’t) that Tim is actually a chiropractor and has developed a whole healthy… Continue Reading

Clear as MUD – My Ultimate Detox

  Most of us are no strangers to a good old detox. We work hard and play hard, so who can blame us if we feel our bodies need a little reset every now and then? A detox gives our organs a ‘break’ through fasting and can promote the liver to release toxins, promote the elimination of those toxins, and can also improve blood circulation. Who better to find out about the latest in detoxing than from a detox focused, holistic health brand? My Ultimate Detox, or MUD, was created by friends Caitlin O’Farrell and Rosemary Lonas who met at… Continue Reading

The Soul Project – New Year, New Perspectives

  The Soul Project Canberra is bringing together a group of inspiring women for an evening of fun discussing health, wellbeing and nutrition. As well as hearing from the incredible women below, enjoy a drink and a chance to socialise as well as raise money for the Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group.   Performers and Speakers include: Amber Nicols – finalist on The Voice Kate Pamphilon – kinesiolgist, complementary medicine practitioner & expert for I Quit Sugar Blair Kelly – NLP coach, Arbonne national vice president & nutritional therapist Danielle Shine – natural food chef, Hay House author, yoga teacher… Continue Reading

Herbosophy — My New Favourite Herb Supplier

  I’ve been taking natural herbal supplements for as long as I can remember. However, they can be expensive and it is often time consuming to find organic and unrefined products. I recently discovered an online herb supplier, Herbosophy. A family run business in Perth, Western Australia, Herbosophy offers a range of quality herbs that are encapsulated on order. This means you are receiving the most fresh and pure herbs that are filler and preservative free. Their range is diverse, with herbs I’ve never heard of before on offer. Whilst I recommend consulting a healthcare professional before commencing a new… Continue Reading

Talking Nutrition with Jacqueline Alwill

  The final workshop to take place in The Canberra Centre’s health and wellness destination Eden was a nutrition workshop lead by the founder and director of The Brown Paper Bag, nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill. As well as running a thriving nutrition business, Jacqueline is also a whole foods cook with a new book out entitled ‘Seasons to Share’. What was billed as a discussion of the four pillars of health (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) turned out to be so much more. ‘The four pillars are always evolving and growing, we can’t put any clear line between them and that’s… Continue Reading

Q&A with Alex Tobin, Leiden’s newest Health and Wellness expert

  We did a Q&A with Leiden’s newest health and wellness expert, Alex Tobin, this week. Alex shares with us how her passion for nutrition and health began because of her own health challenges. She reveals to us that she was headed to burn-out town, working long hours and living a high stress life until she made changes and experienced the benefits herself. Here at Leiden our health and wellness experts aren’t like others. They not only have formal qualifications in health and wellness but they’ve overcome their own health challenges and have loads of personal experiences making them experts… Continue Reading