What I Learned from Travelling on my Own

  As I write this, I am sitting on an Emirates airbus spread out across three seats and wiping the tears from my cheeks as I cry for the umpteenth time while watching Pitch Perfect 3. I’ve just spent two weeks on my own and let’s just say the continual displays of sisterhood have left me a little emotional. But my current state of emotional unrest does not rest solely with the final installment to the Pitch Perfect franchise. Prior to boarding, the only available seat happened to be next to a boy who bore a remarkable resemblance to my… Continue Reading

Solving the Mysteries of Solo Travel

  I recently went on the trip of a lifetime, ticking off countless places I had on my bucket list, living my dream. What made this different to any other vacation is that I chose to do this solo. Though this trip was in the USA, a country which I have been living for the last year, I was still met with a range of reactions from surprised to keenly interested. There does seem to be an air of mystery about solo travel to those who haven’t taken the plunge and done it themselves. I hope that by answering some… Continue Reading

Get Ready, It’s Time to Fly

South America is filled with sacred valleys, unique cuisine, ancient myths and a vibrant, spirited culture. In the midst of the 2016 Rio Olympic games, I feel it’s right to share my love and experiences visiting this exotic continent. The plan to travel to South America sprung upon me. It wasn’t somewhere I thought I’d visit for quite some time. However, as my brother was living in Brazil, the opportunity awaited. We started off in Lima, Peru. Our G Adventures tour took us from the Amazon to the Andes, the animated town of Cusco, Ollantaytambo, and of course, Machu Picchu.… Continue Reading

The Beauty Travel Edit

  When travelling it can be difficult to narrow down the multitude of products lining your bathroom vanity to just a few essentials. Do I take my weekend facemask? How many lipsticks are appropriate? Should I take that glitter shadow palette just in case I need to create a last minute party look for a night out? My general approach to packing is to over pack. No matter how many advice articles I read about other glamorous people who have apparently mastered the art of minimal packing, I just can’t do it. I continue to get that nagging feeling in… Continue Reading

A Sneak Peak at South America

Leiden Contributor Georgia Holgate is currently in the midst of an incredible trip to South America. She is visiting Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Chile. While she will tell us all about it when she gets back, we have a few photos to share in the mean time. Let these stunning images be an escape from the dreary Australian winter and inspire your next holiday.

The Shopaholics Guide to Packing

I think most of us can agree that the hardest part of traveling is packing your bag. If you, like me consider yourself a shopaholic then the struggle of packing is even more challenging. My wardrobe at home is overflowing; I don’t consider myself a hoarder, I just like shopping. No matter how long the trip it’s always incredibly easy to fill a suitcase, or three, or four! Recently I’ve found myself having to do this more often. I’m fortunate enough to be able to travel quite frequently at the moment. After a lot of practise I can say I’m… Continue Reading

Yes, I too am obsessed with traveling

All those who have travelled are well aware of what’s called ‘the travel bug’. It’s that feeling you get when you arrive home after a genuinely awesome trip. You are filled with great experiences, never-to-forget memories and a desire for more adventure. Oh and you also probably experienced some airport chaos, non-English speaking taxi drivers and often a mishap leaving you feeling extremely stressed and exhausted. That’s what makes it fun and memorable though, it’s crazy and amazing at the same time. The travel bug hit me after my first overseas trip. I was about 11 years old when I… Continue Reading