April 2018 – 1

  Fashion High Snobiety 2 Years After They Broke the Internet, It Looks Like Nobody is Buying Vetements Alec Leach, 29/3/18 ‘For the fashion industry, the brand’s irony, massive silhouettes and edgy styling were a breath of fresh air, but for the rest of the world, Vetements will be forever the brand that broke the internet when its $200 DHL T-shirt dropped in 2016. But what about today?’ Read More   WWD Vetements’ Guram Gvasalia, Buyers Say Highsnobiety Story Is Fake News Aria Hughes, 30/3/18 The chief executive officer along with buyers from Saks Fifth Avenue, Harrods, Jeffrey New York and more… Continue Reading

Talking Science with Nicole Fetchet

  During the month of August we have been celebrating women in science and technology. We know it’s the last day of August but we just wanted to sneak one more in. Nicole Fetchet worked as an Industrial Chemist before running away to join the Questacon Science Circus. Now she will be heading off on a research trip to Antarctica as part of Homeward Bound, an amazing initiative bringing together women in STEM leadership from all over the world. We caught up with her over a drink to talk all things science. Here is what she told us:   ‘I… Continue Reading

Talking Science with Dr Erin Walsh

  Have you ever noticed that there always seems to be a handful of ‘iconic’ people on a university campus? You know the type: someone whom everybody knows and recognises even if they have never had a class with them. When I studied science at the Australian National University (ANU) there was such a person. She was affectionately dubbed ‘Yellow Girl’ and as you may have guessed, she made herself conspicuous by dressing solely in the colour yellow. So iconic was she that I even heard her mentioned on the radio earlier in the year when, during O Week, discussion… Continue Reading

Talking Science with Erica Heidger from the Creative Element

  It’s National Science Week and instead of celebrating all things science for just one week, we thought we would celebrate all month long. That’s why we are dedicating the entire month of August to women kicking butt in science and tech. We got the ball rolling with our interview with Madi from Shirty Science and now we are chatting with Erica Heidger from science based start-up The Creative Element. As well as offering training and consulting services, The Creative Element puts on amazing community events. Their incredibly popular adults-only event, Pretty Dangerous Science, includes workshops where you can learn… Continue Reading

Out of Hand: Materialising the Digital

  Last week we headed up to Sydney to see a new exhibition, Out of Hand: Materialising the Digital, as well as hear a panel discussion exploring the intersection of fashion and technology and the disruption new technologies are creating in the fashion industry. Speakers Matthew Connell, Principal Curator (Out of Hand) MAAS; 
Roger Leong, Senior Curator (Fashion) MAAS; 
Ben Moir, Founding Member & Head of Technical Development We:Ex
; and Kae Woei, Co-Founder of XYZ Workshop
 explored developments ranging from the growth of smart materials and embedded technology right through to entirely new ways of producing fashion garments such as… Continue Reading

Canberra Wise Women – Wise, Smart and Tech Savvy Event

  We all know that technology is taking over the world. With many jobs likely to be lost as industries embrace tech and move towards automated processes, it’s more important than ever that we learn as much as we can about information and communication technologies to succeed in the future no matter what field we work in. This is especially important for women, as we are currently under-represented in those studying and working in the STEM disciplines (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics). Many initiatives are springing up to encourage women and girls to learn how to code including within the fashion… Continue Reading

Computer Programmers are Supermodels not Geeks

  Gone are the days when the programmer/ computer scientist was a stereotyped weirdo with no social skills and most often thought of as male. This stereotype was shattered by supermodel Karlie Kloss who has taught herself how to code (the skills behind becoming a programmer) and is now sponsoring a program to get young girls in the United States into coding. Kloss, of Victoria’s Secret fame,  says coding is a superpower and opens an unlimited amount of doors and girls need to be encouraged into the field as they are currently under-represented. I can also say I am breaking… Continue Reading