The Difficulty of Making Ethical Decisions

A little while ago I gave a talk at Pop CBR, a wonderful store dedicated to selling products made by local Canberra makers. I spoke on conscious consumerism, particularly the difficulty of making ethical decisions and how this is different for everyone. Since then I have had quite a few interesting conversations with friends and readers about the grey areas of sustainability. Can you still feel good about wearing glitter nail polish? How ethical is it to buy fast fashion but from a small local business? It can feel impossible to do the right thing. This is a difficult question… Continue Reading

All About Waste, Plastic and Recycling – What You Can Do

Waste is a huge problem. As Annie Leonard from Greenpeace USA says: ‘There is no such thing as “away”. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.’ And that somewhere is generally into landfill. In recent decades, the volume of waste we produce here in Australia has rapidly increased so much so that we are now one of the most wasteful nations in the developed world. The ABC’s War on Waste program has played an important role in encouraging Australians to question the way we consume and the way we dispose of the waste associated with that consumption. Research… Continue Reading

Rise and Resist – Learn How to Change the World with Clare Press

Join as at the Rise and Resist Book Launch Canberra, an event hosted by eco stylist Nina Gbor to celebrate author Clare Press   With so much shit going down at the moment, it’s no wonder we are so dissatisfied with the state of the world. It’s also no wonder that in the face of increased adversity activism is on the rise with more and more people speaking up, taking action and striving for lasting change. Author, speaker and sustainable and ethical fashion expert Clare Press is no stranger to striving for change, having long tackled the fashion industry on… Continue Reading