How to Style – Three Ways with Statement Socks

The change of season can be a tricky time for getting dressed. If you aren’t yet ready to commit to stockings, a good way to get more wear out of your summer faves is working a sock and shoe combo. Bare legs, a statement sock to keep your feet that little bit warmer (although not that much warmer, we’ll admit it), and a matching shoe, can earn you bonus style cred. Be careful when choosing your sock length compared to the hemline of your dress, skirt or pants, as you don’t want to make your legs appear shorter than they… Continue Reading

On Style and Socks

  “Menswear is about subtlety. It’s about good style and good taste.” – Alexander McQueen   When I was a boy I took little interest in the clothing I wore. It was, to me, a purely utilitarian thing, designed to protect ones modesty from the elements, and to preserve the modesty of ones elements. It served these purposes and no more. The thought that there were others who wore their clothes not for practicality’s sake, but as an expression of self, seemed a laughable waste of time and money. The only explanation I could surmise as to why someone would… Continue Reading

How to Wear Socks

  To fathers everywhere, thank you. Step One: put on socks. Step Two: strap on sandals.   Your socks will experience the greatest pleasure when pressed against some velcro (and perhaps elevated by a platform sole). This is no joke, socks ’n’ sandals were meant to be together. This heavenly combo simultaneously creates toasty comfort with a gentle breeze. The best sock for your sandal is the glittery variety. Try Alpha60 for all over shimmer or Gorman for hints of sparkle on a pleasing pattern. Does your calf surpass ankle and immediately transform into foot? Do you desire an athletic… Continue Reading