Rare Earth with Avi Amesbury

  Avi Amesbury is not your average ceramicist: she is a professional abstract landscape potter. As far as esoteric descriptors go, this one is up there. So what does it mean? Avi’s practice is inspired by the natural landscape and is produced from raw earth, primarily clay, gathered from her property on the South Coast, trips to Canberra as well as travels further afield. Her latest body of work is currently on display alongside Rare Earth: Australian Made 2017 in the Courtesy of the Artist Loft in Sydney. Located in the Strand arcade in Sydney’s Pitt street, this beautiful gallery… Continue Reading

Black Box; Life, Walls and Houses – Judi Elliott

  The cycle of life is a common source of inspiration for many artists. No one has perhaps examined this universal subject in quite the way highly acclaimed glass artist Judi Elliott has. Known for her innovative approach to working with the medium, Judi’s pieces are highly recognisable and sought after. She has exhibited work both in Australia and overseas, and was the first glass graduate from the ANU School of Art. Her latest exhibition, Black Box; Life, Walls and Houses examines the black box. This critical device sits within an aircraft, recording the details of each flight it makes,… Continue Reading