Pink’s Rebel Cause

  Complaining about the winter weather in Canberra is practically a citywide pastime. A scroll through your Instagram feed will show you snaps of people wishing for warmer weather, sharing their best winter style, or marveling at their pets’ frozen over water bowl. Yes, defrosting our cars is annoying, and yes, it’s hard to drag yourself out of bed for a run when it’s still minus three outside, but for most of us, we have a nice, warm home to curl up in. For a lot of people, however this isn’t the case. Up to 2000 people experience homelessness each… Continue Reading

Baby Pink Boutique

  On Thursday night we braved the cold Canberra weather to attend a very special event at our new favourite boutique Baby Pink. Curated by the team behind one of our other favourite stores, Pink Ink in Braddon, Baby Pink in Deakin is a distinct space of its own. Spread across two long thin rooms, connected in the middle, is a carefully selected edit of quietly luxurious pieces calling out to be touched, tried on and taken home. The space is soft and unobtrusive, just as luxurious as the clothing that resides within it. Baby Pink is home to a… Continue Reading

Pink Ink Boutique x Megan Park

  In response to the rise of fast, throwaway fashion, there has sprung a renewed yearning for something slower and more unique: artisanal pieces made by hand from luxurious materials. One multi-brand boutique in Canberra has always championed this approach to fashion, not ‘clothes for clothes sake,’ as Jane Petterson, the director of Pink Ink puts it, but special pieces to be treasured forever. Designer Megan Park has also never strayed from this path, having created beautiful hand-embroidered clothes and accessories for nearly twenty years under her own namesake label. It seems natural then that Megan Park has been stocked… Continue Reading

Pink Ink Boutique: A Fashionable Event

Something has changed in Lonsdale Street, Canberra. Has a new coffee place opened, I hear you ask? Or maybe another shop from which to buy achingly cool home wares? No, it is a small change brought about by a stalwart resident, premium fashion boutique Pink Ink. At an exclusive in store event late last month, Pink Ink revealed a new look exterior featuring digital artwork by local artist Scott Ketley. This striking façade will serve a dual purpose; as well as reflecting upon the history of the boutique thematically, the artwork also creates a sense of privacy and intimacy for… Continue Reading