My Favourite Beauty Ritual with Kara Burdack

  For as long as I can remember showers have been one of my favourite pastimes. Rain hail or shine a hot shower can be your saviour. Growing up with only the supply of rainwater, my father was always yelling at me to get out and timing me in fear I would drain the tank. This never stopped me and now that my parents have renovated their bathroom, when I visit them in their shower paradise there is no stopping me sneaking into their rather ginormous ensuite for that combination of rain and handheld heads. If you’re without the shower… Continue Reading

My Favourite Beauty Ritual with Bicky Lee

For me, the pamper routine is less of a Sunday afternoon in the tub and is more just taking good care of myself regularly. I am all about the inexpensive, easy, and nourishing rituals. I have detailed below my routine, except, you should know that I never have time to do all of these things at once. But, if I did, here is what I would do:   Skin Treatment I do a skin treatment about once a month or whenever my skin has a major freak out. Before my shower, I wash my face with a warm face flannel… Continue Reading