The High Coffin Diet?

When a link popped up in my Twitter feed stating ‘Is the Low-Carb (animal based) Diet a High Coffin Diet? Two More Nails to Consider’ it sparked my interest enough to look a little further.     If you haven’t already worked me out, you need to know I’m not a big fan of fad diets or any diet which is restrictive in nature, unless warranted due to an allergy and intolerance. What is also worthwhile knowing is I love listening to podcasts. Now, the podcasts I listen to focus mainly on nutrition but I also listen to podcasts on… Continue Reading

Everyone Has A Story… and Social Media Only Tells Half It

  I don’t usually engage in social media banter when someone posts about struggling with losing weight and wanting to get fit. I usually read a few of the comments then move on with my life. But on the weekend I came across a post which caught my eye. I was working out at the time, and in between exercises I usually hop on Facebook to have a quick look at what’s going on. I came across a post from a young girl who posted on a local group.     I must have seen the post around an hour… Continue Reading

Meal Planning for Healthy Balanced Eating

  Too many times I have spoken to people about how healthy and balanced they believe their diet to be but at closer inspection I find it is far from it. In many cases people who claim to have healthy balanced diets are eating a great range of vegetables, some fruit and lean meats but in most cases are missing grains and milk based foods. Now, there are many reasons why people would avoid these foods but the most common one is the belief they should be avoided for good health. Unfortunately, this advice is misguided and based on opinion… Continue Reading

Does it Really Cost More to Eat Healthy?

  One of the many reasons why people don’t eat a healthier diet is because it costs more. I have never really believed this to be true so it was perfect timing when the consumer advocacy magazine, Choice, published an article in their October 2017 edition about the cost of healthy eating. One of the first points addressed in the article is the perceived cost of healthy eating and how people will choose the more expensive choice between similar products which also have the same generic health claims. A concern raised by the researchers is food marketers could take advantage… Continue Reading

Thinking of Food… in the Long Term

  How much thought do you put into the food you’re about to put into your mouth? There’s a good chance if you are health conscious you are choosing foods which are healthy, meaning they are unprocessed, mostly plant based and includes some lean meats and whole grains. If you’re not so health conscious you’re probably selecting foods which you have always eaten and you choose these foods based on taste first and as habit second. The foods we eat are based on a range of reasons. The most common reason is for the taste. Foods which taste nice make… Continue Reading

The Sugar Tax is Not So Sweet

  The Australian Medical Association (AMA) have set themselves a new year’s resolution and that is to convince the Australian Government to apply a sugar tax to sugar-sweetened beverages. This story broke at the right time when people are thinking about their own new year’s resolutions, which for many is to cut sugar out of their diets in 2018. So what is the AMA proposing? Put simply they would like to see a twenty percent tax added to the cost of purchasing sugar-sweetened beverages. This twenty percent tax is designed to increase the cost of the drinks, making them less… Continue Reading