Kathy Lette on Breaking Through: 75 Years of Women in Parliament

  On the same day, at the very same moment, that the leadership spill was going down, I was just a hop, skip and a jump away at the Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD) at Old Parliament House. Instead of checking #libspill every five minutes, I was instead pleasantly distracted from the downfall of our nation by a woman strewn across the desk in the Prime Minister’s Suite. That woman was Kathy Lette, our new Minister for Feminism and Fun. There may not be a real ministry for feminism or fun, but if there was, and there most certainly should… Continue Reading

An Interview with Artist Alison Alder

  The state of politics both in Australia and overseas has never been so interesting; every day brings a new opinion poll, a new scandal or a trial by media. We are never a farther than a click away from the latest political tidbit. But what do you know about Australia’s first Prime Ministers? If you are anything like me, the only thing you will know is that our first Prime Minister was Edmund Barton and the only reason you will know that is because of that ad on TV when you were young. I can’t even remember what that… Continue Reading