Treatment Review: Microblading

I’m not sure about you but I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with brows.   When I found out about feather tattoo and microblading, I was intrigued. My first thoughts were of my mum’s friends with their blue stained tattoo brows which I definitely was not a fan of. Microblading or feathering tattoos have come a long way since then. Rather than a solid block of colour, hair strokes are drawn on, mimicking natural brow hairs. I recently did mine and cannot be happier. I do not need to fill in my brows any more as I wake… Continue Reading

Microblading with Brow’ed Transformations

  Brows. My favourite beauty topic. Some are thick, some are thin, many are offensive. When it comes to brows, we’ve heard it all: they frame the face, brows are sisters not twins, and tadpoles belong in ponds; okay well, I made that last one up but I firmly believe I make a good point, don’t you agree? Brow grooming has really come a long way since the days of waxing by using home methods involving mixing the correct ratios of honey, sugar, and water with lemon. Tweezing is still a firm favourite for makeup artists because of its precision.… Continue Reading