Product Review: Magnetic Lashes

  I put magnets on my eyes because someone said it’d make me look pretty. And so what I should actually be doing right now is having a good long look at myself because, really? But also, and though it shames me a bit to admit this, that’s not even close to the craziest thing I’ve done in search of purchasable perfection. So, look… I saw this Instagram ad for magnetic eyelashes and I was like, yes*. I’d tried and failed at the glue on ones and I wasn’t ready to commit to the longer-lasting beautician applied fakies, so this… Continue Reading

The Lo Down on Lashes

I first dabbled in cosmetics in my college years. To begin with, all I had in my possession was some mascara and black kohl. As you can imagine, I had little to work with, but this didn’t stop me from jumping onto my computer and introducing myself to the makeup gurus of YouTube. Over the years my makeup collection grew and my eyes were opened to brands such as Urban Decay and Mac. In a literal sense too, my eyes were also opened because god knows what miracles a little mascara can do, yes, you know what I’m talking about… Continue Reading