March 2018 – 2

  Welcome to our weekly news round up where we highlight the news stories that have captured our attention during the past seven days. With International Women’s day having just taking place on Thursday 8 March, a number of important reports have just been released looking at women and equality.   The Sydney Morning Herald ‘Shocking’ levels of sexual harassment at work, study reveals Jessica Irvine, 5/3/18 ‘Fewer than a third of young Australian working women believe they are treated equally to men, according to a landmark new survey.’ Read More   YWCA 2016 Election Scorecard – Responses to ‘Every… Continue Reading

The Leiden Guide to Feminism

  ‘…when young women move into the world and they realise… “Why am I being treated differently?” and they start to blame themselves because they don’t understand that they are part of a historic pattern…which is…working a little bit against them.’ – Emma Watson [for Buzzfeed, March 2017]   The other day a friend of mine came across a term that she didn’t fully understand: intersectional feminism. She realised she should probably know what that was so she asked me to help her learn about this. I am by no means the world’s feminist guru, however, I am fascinated by… Continue Reading