iPhone photos vs Profesh Photos on Instagram – Which is Better?

  I was procrastinating on Instagram after work a while ago when I came upon particular Instastory shared by my girl crush Leandra Medine/Cohen and got rather excited. It turned out that she was writing a story about ‘why iPhone photos shit on professional shots on Instagram.’ This is a topic I have many an opinion on so as per her request (‘do you have any salient opinions? Send them to me in a DM if so! Send cookies by mail if not’) I sent her a message right away. I am still waiting for her to reply but deep… Continue Reading

Instagram Accounts We Like to Follow – A Creative Bit of Fun

Here is the next installment in our little series of Instagram accounts we like to while away the hours on.   @chilliphilly   Who: Phil Ferguson is a Melbourne based artist and Satellite Foundation Ambassador. What: Phil specialises in amazing crochet headwear brimming with personality. With hats ranging from animals, food and even a bottle of face wash, nothing is off limits for this creative talent. Contact: phil@chiliphilly.com www.chiliphilly.com   @alissalu   Who: Alissa Lonergan is an artist and writer. What: Super adorable mini food Contact: leelonergan@gmail.com   @tasteofstreep   Who: Someone or some people combing two pretty brilliant things.… Continue Reading

Instagram Accounts We Like to Follow – Fashion Illustration

Just like everyone else, we like to scroll away the hours on Instagram. This is the first post in a series where we will share with you some of our all time favourite Instagram accounts. To get the ball rolling here are three of our fave  fashion illustrators.   @cuplicake   Who: The lovely illustrator behind this account, Lianne Middledorp lives in Amsterdam. What: You will find cute, colourful illustrations of clothes, accessories, whole outfits and a smattering of fashionable scenes. Bonus: She does custom orders and personalised cards! Contact: lianne@cuplicake.com   @kseniarybe   Who: The talented Ksenia Rybe lives… Continue Reading