Inside the Ancient Practice of Tai Chi

  Tai chi is an ancient exercise art of health building, power development and inward advancement. A holistic art, tai chi has centuries of evidence showing that it can meld the mind, body and spirit into one. The goals of tai chi are multidimensional with a strong emphasis on how to keep your body as young as possible as you go through each phase of your life. A class in tai chi is geared towards boosting your level of health. This is achieved through deliberate, slowed down movements which strongly affect the nervous system and tendons. Tai chi movements are… Continue Reading

Inside the Cult of F45

  On the first day of my recent period of unemployment I joined my local F45 Training studio. The F stands for Functional and the 45 for forty-five minutes of bloody hard work. I had heard of F45, of course, as I’m sure most of you have. A lot of my friends either already go or wish they did: but my choice was made, rather lazily, by its proximity to my house (a five minute walk). I rolled up on my first morning in very old exercise gear and without a towel (I somehow missed that in my confirmation email)… Continue Reading

Meal Planning – What Type of Planner are You?

  What type of meal planner are you? You may not be a meal planner at all. Of all the topics I get asked about, the most frequent is meal planning. If you’re like me, you are consistent and follow routine. This means your breakfast, lunch and snacks are pretty much the same for most days and you have some slight variation on the weekend. Dinners are where I get most of my variety, but even then, it is usually some meat, some grains like pasta or rice and a good serve of vegetables, with a glass of red. On… Continue Reading