Sip and Scent

  This evening we had the pleasure of attending a Sip and Scent Masterclass in the new Canberra Centre beauty precinct. The class, the first of it’s kind we were told, brought together the art of crafting a martini and building a fragrance around the hero ingredients of our bespoke cocktail. After taking our seat in the new dedicated event space, Canberra’s ‘Martini Whisperer’ Phillip Jones prepared each of us a very special drink created especially for the event. ‘When I was asked to create a bespoke martini for the Canberra Centre I knew it had to be beautiful,’ Phillip… Continue Reading

Anouk Gania – A Luxury Lifestyle Brand

  Who doesn’t love a good candle? A rich, beautiful scent enveloping the room, a flickering flame dancing in a tantalizing fashion. Combined with a comfy chair, a cup of tea and a good book, a candle is your gateway to relaxation heaven. I’ll tell you a secret, I am a little afraid of candles. Well, unsupervised flame specifically. It all started when I was young and heard a story about a girl who burned her house down after leaving a candle unattended in her bedroom. For some reason this tale had a huge impact on me and although I… Continue Reading

How To Shop for a new Fragrance

In my daily life as Beauty Personal Shopping Queen, I often meet people who want me to help them find a fragrance “I need a fragrance for my wedding” or “I want to smell like a chocolate coated musk stick” or “I want a coffee scent with a heart note of cigarettes” is often what I hear. OK, the last two are a slight embellishment, but I do hear some quirky requests and let me tell you, I am happy to oblige and show off my fragrance knowledge in these instances. Buying fragrance is an emotional purchase and very personal. It… Continue Reading