Fashfest – Thursday Night Outfit Post

Getting dressed is more than just putting clothes on your back or striving to look ‘on trend’. It’s about expressing your personality and feeling great. Team Leiden likes to get dressed up and we want to tell you all about what we wore to night one of Fashfest and why. Emma Batchelor Founder and Editor of Leiden     Coat – This is a special vintage coat I bought at the Old Bus Depot markets. It’s from the 1950s. Because it is so voluminous, it’s the perfect coat for wearing over equally voluminous pieces. Plus it makes a great statement.… Continue Reading

Fashfest – Thursday Night Show Two ‘Furore’

‘Test the boundaries of your taste. Admire the beauty of this dark thunderstorm. Challenge your preconceptions, explore the edge and spectacle of what fashion can be. This show is for those who love the unconventional, the unexpected.’ – Fashfest Show notes   Hardy show-goers that we are, it only took a few more M&Ms and some frenzied activity on social media before we were ready for our second show of the evening. Make sure to catch up on our coverage of show one, ‘Reverie,’ here.     Melanie Child   New Zealand designer, Melanie Child, focuses on sustainable fabric choices… Continue Reading

Fashfest – Thursday Night Show One ‘Reverie’

    ‘A visual delight with images to relish. Explore fashion for its beauty, its brilliance, its sensation. This show is for those who want to get lost in a dream, a fantastic reverie.’ – Fashfest show notes   After prepping and preening and taking a good hundred snaps in front of the photo wall; after a trip backstage, and a handful of M&Ms that we smuggled in our handbag, followed by a healthy half hour delay, Fashfest 2016 was off and running. This year the festival followed a new format of six distinct shows over three days. Show one,… Continue Reading