Break a Sweat – 5 Exercises, 10 Repetitions in 15 minutes

  Here is a quick and easy workout that’s sure to get your heart rate pumping, burn energy and keep you toned. These high intensity exercises are perfect for anywhere anytime, including your lunch break or your lounge room.   5 EXERCISES, 10 REPETITIONS IN 15 MINUTES   Grab a timer. Your phone is a good option. Set the timer to 15 minutes.   PUSH UPS X 10 Tips: Beginner on knees, advanced on toes. Abdominal muscles engaged. Spine in a straight line. Breath: Inhale down, exhale push up.   MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS X 10 EACH LEG Tips: Engage the core… Continue Reading

Does a Do It Yourself Approach to Fitness Really Work?

  With more and more commitments vying for our time and attention, it can be increasingly difficult to make it to your regular gym or yoga class each week. That’s why the do-it-yourself approach to fitness is gaining popularity. But the DIY approach brings its own set of challenges; finding time, motivation and support. Everyone’s approach to fitness is unique, which is why each person’s fitness regime should be unique too. Can you work out effectively on your own when and where you want? We have explored the options for the time-poor but exercise-keen person of today, to help you… Continue Reading

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Exercise – What you really need to know to start your exercise journey

  Do you know that almost 2 in 3 Australian adults are overweight or obese?  That equals 63% of the Australian population.  And what’s even more terrifying is 1 in 4 Australian children are overweight or obese.  That’s 25% of our population.  Click for more info. Our excess weight is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, Type 2 Diabetes, some musculoskeletal conditions, some cancers, and for pregnant women it can lead to short and long term health problems for you and your child.  As the amount of weight we gain increases so does our risk of developing one or… Continue Reading