Rare Earth with Avi Amesbury

  Avi Amesbury is not your average ceramicist: she is a professional abstract landscape potter. As far as esoteric descriptors go, this one is up there. So what does it mean? Avi’s practice is inspired by the natural landscape and is produced from raw earth, primarily clay, gathered from her property on the South Coast, trips to Canberra as well as travels further afield. Her latest body of work is currently on display alongside Rare Earth: Australian Made 2017 in the Courtesy of the Artist Loft in Sydney. Located in the Strand arcade in Sydney’s Pitt street, this beautiful gallery… Continue Reading

Dr Blake’s Ballarat – An Exhibition

  Have you ever wondered what goes into making a successful TV show? What about one set in Ballarat in the late 1950s? The costumes, the sets, the locations; how do they make everything look so damn good? All these secrets and more will be revealed in a new exhibition exploring the making of internationally successful ABC drama The Dr Blake Mysteries. The exhibition, Dr Blake’s Ballarat, is hosted by the Sovereign Hill’s Gold Museum and will run until the 3rd of September. The exhibition is presented in two parts: one looking at the Cast & Crew and one looking… Continue Reading

Out of Hand: Materialising the Digital

  Last week we headed up to Sydney to see a new exhibition, Out of Hand: Materialising the Digital, as well as hear a panel discussion exploring the intersection of fashion and technology and the disruption new technologies are creating in the fashion industry. Speakers Matthew Connell, Principal Curator (Out of Hand) MAAS; 
Roger Leong, Senior Curator (Fashion) MAAS; 
Ben Moir, Founding Member & Head of Technical Development We:Ex
; and Kae Woei, Co-Founder of XYZ Workshop
 explored developments ranging from the growth of smart materials and embedded technology right through to entirely new ways of producing fashion garments such as… Continue Reading

The Perfection of Style

  A wonderful new exhibition displaying a beautiful collection of the seminal designer Yves Saint Laurent came to my hometown, Seattle, this October. The Seattle Art Museum is host to this inspiring collection featuring over 110 complete outfits spanning more than 40 years of Laurent’s career. The outfits ranged Laurent’s innovative ready-to-wear collections to custom made couture pieces. YSL saved everything when he started his own fashion house in 1962, the collection features an amazing range of outfit sketches and fabric samples, giving an incredible insight into his creative process. From the moment I entered the exhibition rooms I was… Continue Reading

The Museum of Bags and Purses

  Princess Grace’s gorgeous face on a sandwich board tucked between bicycles on a narrow canal-street in Amsterdam advertises ‘Royal bags and purses.’ It’s the Museum of Bags and Purses and it’s a little off the tourist track but attracts an assortment of visitors. Behind its rather ordinary door is a rather extraordinary display showing the development of bags and purses from the Middle Ages to the present day. I was told it is the largest collection of its kind in the world and that’s not unexpected when you consider the uniqueness of it all. The Museum of Bags and… Continue Reading

Black Box; Life, Walls and Houses – Judi Elliott

  The cycle of life is a common source of inspiration for many artists. No one has perhaps examined this universal subject in quite the way highly acclaimed glass artist Judi Elliott has. Known for her innovative approach to working with the medium, Judi’s pieces are highly recognisable and sought after. She has exhibited work both in Australia and overseas, and was the first glass graduate from the ANU School of Art. Her latest exhibition, Black Box; Life, Walls and Houses examines the black box. This critical device sits within an aircraft, recording the details of each flight it makes,… Continue Reading

Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear

  Our wardrobe of underwear can say a lot about our attitude to dressing. Today you would be safe in assuming that someone with a drawer full of identical versions of the same pair of black pants might not put quite the same amount of effort into creating an outfit as someone with a drawer bursting at the seams with french knickers, g-strings, boy legs and high-waisted lace panties made up in an extensive variety of patterns and fabrics. However, in the 18th century say, the underwear of every woman looked essentially the same no matter her station in life… Continue Reading

Daphne Guinness in Conversation

  Isabella Blow was a British fashion stylist, editor and muse who nurtured the career of many designers including the late Alexander McQueen and Phillip Treacy. She was passionate, creative and eccentric with a great love of fashion. When Isabella Blow passed away, her friend Daphne Guinness purchased her entire collection of clothes, a portion of which was first displayed in an exhibition at Somerset House in London and now in Sydney at the Powerhouse Museum. To celebrate the opening of Isabella Blow: A Fashionable Life at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, British artist and muse Daphne Guinness… Continue Reading