Makeup for the Gym

  I am of the opinion that wearing makeup to the gym is absurd. So absurd in fact, that I mercilessly mock the shit out of people that do it.   When I am lifting a kettle bell or running on the treadmill like I am being chased by a bear through the Canadian woods, the last thing I care about is how perfect my skin or eye shadow blending abilities appear to others watching me, while I work out. I am however, a makeup artist and I know how important it is to many of you, so I feel… Continue Reading

Five Ways to Take Your Workout to the Pool

  Are you sick of the same old gym workouts and classes but still want a great workout to blast the calories? With the weather heating up there is no better time to get into the pool with a new kick butt workout routine. With water being a great exercise tool you will learn the benefits of aquatic training and I am sure I will have you questioning why you didn’t think of getting in the pool earlier! Before we get into the exercises I’d like to tell you two fun facts about water that you may not know. Why… Continue Reading

6th Position – A Dance Studio For Adults

  Not only is taking a dance class a great way exercise, it has got to be one of the most fun ways there is to break a sweat.  So attention Canberra, there is a new dance studio in town for adults and it launches next week. We caught up with founder of 6th Position Gen Chan to get all the goss.   Leiden: What is 6th Position? Gen: It is the parallel position of your feet – but it is also Canberra’s newest ADULT dance studio!   L: What classes do you offer? G: We offer classes for adults… Continue Reading

Aerial Fitness – A womenCANplay-organised Event

  After attending the launch of womenCANplay in October and being inspired by co-founders Hannah Massingham and Billi McCarthy-Price to join this awesome network of active Canberra women, I was lucky enough to attend one of their recent Give It A Go events. The activity: aerial fitness. The participant: an uncoordinated and inflexible 22 year old female (yours truly). Challenge accepted. womenCANplay organised the Give It A Go session at Aerial Sports Canberra, located in Mitchell, Canberra. On arrival I was welcomed by Hannah and Billi as well as the founder and head instructor of the studio, Cher Albretch. I… Continue Reading

Wellness with Bianca Cheah of Sporteluxe

  Last weekend we headed out to a masterclass with Bianca Cheah put on by the Canberra Centre as part of their holistic health and wellbeing event, Eden. Bianca is the founder and editor of online destination Sporteluxe, a digital publication exploring health and wellness as well as beauty and fashion through a wellness lens. Bianca is a highly respected social media influencer and is dedicated to sharing her wellness philosophy through her online and social platforms. ‘I founded Sporteluxe in 2012 as a personal blog. I was so engrossed in the fitness industry at the time but I couldn’t… Continue Reading

Meet Leiden’s Newest Fitness and Exercise Professional, Brooke Crisp

  ‘It always puts a big smile on my face, seeing my clients being able to achieve things that they didn’t think they could. It’s such a rewarding experience when they come to you and say “I don’t have pain anymore” or “I haven’t been able to do that in years”,’ explains fitness specialist, Brooke Crisp. Brooke is Leiden’s newest addition to the health and wellness team. We interviewed Brooke last week and she reveals to us why she loves teaching others about exercise and fitness, ‘For me it is an industry that doesn’t feel like work; everyday I get… Continue Reading

The Environment – Our Built, Natural and Personal Surroundings

  The environment is something we are all familiar with. When we refer to the environment we are referring to our surroundings, everything around us. The environment exists on a macro and micro level. Think about the immediate surroundings like home, work and school, then broaden out to the neighborhood and the entire city where we reside, the country and then the entire planet and beyond. At each level environmental factors impact our health and wellbeing and how we engage with our lives. We humans also have a massive impact on our environment with our choices and actions. There is… Continue Reading

Our Community, Social Health and Relationships

  Humans are social creatures. We have an innate need to connect and be social with other people. The connections we create with others adds meaning and value to our lives. For most, our immediate family are some of the first people that we connect and socialise with. They play a huge role in shaping our lives during our formative years, offering support for our growth and development into adulthood. As we move through the different stages of life we meet other people, we make friends of varying ages and sexes. We build a variety of relationships. These relationships offer… Continue Reading