Review – MUD Body Mask

  Mud: it gets on our boots and it’s kind of gross and messy. It is not usually something we think of when it comes to skincare. But here I am, having just rubbed mud all over my skin deliberately. Not your everyday ‘it just rained and I stepped in a puddle’ type of mud, this was a MUD (My Ultimate Detox) Original body mask. MUD’s key ingredient is bentonite clay which has an electrical charge that livens when mixed with water. This allows the clay to attract toxins and impurities out of your skin.   Here is what I… Continue Reading

Clear as MUD – My Ultimate Detox

  Most of us are no strangers to a good old detox. We work hard and play hard, so who can blame us if we feel our bodies need a little reset every now and then? A detox gives our organs a ‘break’ through fasting and can promote the liver to release toxins, promote the elimination of those toxins, and can also improve blood circulation. Who better to find out about the latest in detoxing than from a detox focused, holistic health brand? My Ultimate Detox, or MUD, was created by friends Caitlin O’Farrell and Rosemary Lonas who met at… Continue Reading