Playing The Part: The Time I Followed a Porn Star’s Advice

  Those of you who may be living under a rock may not know the joys of Jesse Jane — one of the adult entertainment world’s biggest stars. Jesse has starred in over a hundred pornographic videos and features with the pornographic studio Digital Playground, including Pirates and Pirates 2: Stagnetti’s Revenge, which are to date the most expensive porn movies ever made. She’s also starred in tons of movies based on every sexy costume you can think of including military themes, fire-women, nurses, cheerleaders and babysitters. Jesse Jane is one of the most popular and successful names in porn.… Continue Reading

Dr Blake’s Ballarat – An Exhibition

  Have you ever wondered what goes into making a successful TV show? What about one set in Ballarat in the late 1950s? The costumes, the sets, the locations; how do they make everything look so damn good? All these secrets and more will be revealed in a new exhibition exploring the making of internationally successful ABC drama The Dr Blake Mysteries. The exhibition, Dr Blake’s Ballarat, is hosted by the Sovereign Hill’s Gold Museum and will run until the 3rd of September. The exhibition is presented in two parts: one looking at the Cast & Crew and one looking… Continue Reading

Ladies in Black – A Fashionable Musical

  I have to get something off my chest before we start. I don’t really like musicals. Yep, I said it. Well, that might be a teeny bit of an overstatement; what I actually cannot abide is sing-talking. Give me a musical that is essentially a play interspersed with songs and I will be happy. But if it is non-stop singing from start to finish, those inane sentences sung as though they are the most important statements on earth rather than the banal things that they are, fill me with such an irrational rage that I just want to run… Continue Reading

A love of Fashion and Literature

On a cold Sunday night in Canberra, Miriam and I found ourselves embracing our inner nerds and attending the Jane Austen Festival. We were met with some skepticism from our friends but stood our ground. Surely anyone with a love for Austen could understand our desire to dress up as a Bennet, Dashwood or Woodhouse? That’s what we told ourselves anyway as we donned our Regency finest to attend our first ball. As we did not have an appropriate gown stashed away in the back of our cupboards and we are quite poor, we had to improvise an appropriate outfit.… Continue Reading

Burlesque – A Chat with Sarina Del Fuego

  At Leiden Magazine we love a good costume. And what better type of costume than a Burlesque costume? When The Famous Spiegeltent recently came to Canberra, bringing with it Burlesque Idol: an intoxicating evening designed to support emerging burlesque talent, we were intrigued. We sat down the incredibly lovely Sarina Del Fuego, burlesque artist and producer to get the inside scoop on the world of burlesque.   Leiden: How did you get into Burlesque? Serena: I had been working an antique store and a record company and loved the art form. So [I] started collecting trimmings and costumes and… Continue Reading

The Art of Costume

Clothing can be used almost like a costume, allowing us to slip in and out of different characters with the change of an outfit. Canberra born and Melbourne based, contemporary dance artist Chloe Chignell’s star is on the rise. She has recently received a Keir Choreographic Award, performed in Atlanta Eke’s ‘Miss Universal’ at Chunky Move and is set to perform in James Batchelor’s new work ‘Faces’. With her chameleonic appearance and versatility as a performer, we couldn’t think of anyone more perfect to explore the role of clothes in creating a character.              … Continue Reading