Our Emotional Health and Wellbeing

  Taking care of your emotional health is as important as taking care of your physical body. We rest when we feel a head cold coming on, we exercise to maintain our physical health and we dress warmly on a cold day, but how do we look after and maintain our emotional health? And how can we process our feelings in a healthy way when life throws a curve ball? It’s important to understand that we all have emotions and feelings. We all feel angry, sad, frustrated, content, joyful, depressed, excited, rage, happiness, fear, shame, and guilt at some point… Continue Reading

Our Community, Social Health and Relationships

  Humans are social creatures. We have an innate need to connect and be social with other people. The connections we create with others adds meaning and value to our lives. For most, our immediate family are some of the first people that we connect and socialise with. They play a huge role in shaping our lives during our formative years, offering support for our growth and development into adulthood. As we move through the different stages of life we meet other people, we make friends of varying ages and sexes. We build a variety of relationships. These relationships offer… Continue Reading