The Women’s Collective

As always, lots of exciting things are happening in Canberra. One of the most exciting things to happen this weekend is the launch of The Women’s Collective website and online directory. The Women’s Collective is a kick-ass community made up of women who are either in business or have a dream of starting one. Until now the Collective has created a place where entrepreneurs and professionals can collaborate, exchange knowledge and celebrate success through its social media channels and events. However, after the launch of a brand spanking new site, this vision can now been shared with a wider audience… Continue Reading

What I Learned From A Shit Business Meeting

  So something happened to me the other day that sent me on a roller coaster of emotions. Feelings of inadequacy, shame and embarrassment all balled together in what culminated at the end of the day in me feeling like a big idiot for even letting that sort of shit get to me. But let’s back track. I’ve talked a lot about why I started this magazine. If you haven’t heard my story before, it is summed up beautifully and pictorially in our first print zine (a shameless plug I know). It’s been a tonne of hard work but I… Continue Reading

Rebel Muse Second Birthday

  It’s no secret we think Alicia Xyrakis is amazing. She opened her first fashion boutique, Rebel Muse, on Lonsdale street in Braddon. Then, as if running one successful business wasn’t enough, came the opening of her second store: Peachy Keen. A mecca for accessories, Rebel Muse’s little sister is just as capable of making us reach for our credit card as its sibling. And now, in what feels like no time at all, comes Rebel Muse’s second birthday. Naturally, a huge celebration was in order. Attendees were treated to an evening of fun at Lazy Su (if you haven’t… Continue Reading

Canberra Wise Women Luncheon

  Canberra based initiative Canberra Wise Women will be launching its 2017 program on Friday 10 February with a special luncheon at Hotel Realm. The event will be co-presented by the Australian Institute of Management and will feature four inspiring guest speakers each sharing their story and expertise on leadership. In 2016 Canberra Wise Women, a group that strives to inspire women by creating opportunities for women to connect, confide, and celebrate, welcomed over 500 people to the nine events they held. ‘Inspiration is needed by everyone in our community.’ explains the creator of Canberra Wise Women, Lisa LaMaitre. ‘If… Continue Reading

The Network of Possibility

  Last November marked the first Network of Possibility cocktail event and already so many of the women who attended have made new connections, formed new collaborations and been inspired to make a change in their lives and the lives of others. The Network, brainchild of Dr Kim Vella, executive coach and all-round amazing woman, is all about bringing women together to create magic. The Network’s second event will take place on Wednesday 8 February and time is running out to snap up your ticket. Not only can you eat, drink and connect with fellow guests, attendees are treated to… Continue Reading

The Network of Possibility

  In the spirit of giving back, sharing inspirational stories and fostering connections, comes a new series of events aptly described as The Network of Possibility. Created by executive coach Kim Vella, The Network’s inaugural cocktail reception will take place on Wednesday 9 November and will provide a perfect opportunity for a diverse group of men and women ranging from students, to business owners and leaders in both the public and private sector, to rub shoulders and share their stories. Kim hopes to create a fostering environment where attendees can seek encouragement, advice, and  solutions from other members, all while… Continue Reading