A Masterclass with Talisa Sutton of Badlands

  The setting for the latest ‘Masterclass in Style’ workshop at the Canberra Centre was a fitting one. While we sat inside discussing autumn/winter style with Talisa Sutton (the creative talent behind fashion and lifestyle blog Badlands), the autumn leaves outside were being dragged from the trees by heavy winter rain. Badlands is a sleek site filled with exceptional content covering fashion, interiors, beauty, design and lifestyle. ‘I was studying graphic design and I was creating all these collage journals’ Talissa explains. ‘I had all these books sitting in my lounge room and one night my friend said to me… Continue Reading

Fashion and Beauty Blogs to Follow When You Don’t Know Much About Fashion or Beauty

“Beauty is not a competition. All women want is to be the best version of themselves.” – Sue Bryce, Photographer   Have you ever scanned through the pages of Vogue or clicked through the images on Refinery29 and been overwhelmed with the amount of fashion news or beauty tips being thrown about like confetti? Are you interested in changing your look or experimenting with colour blocking, but aren’t quite sure where to start or even what colour blocking is? Psst, guess what? You are not alone. For many of us more quiet observers, it can be difficult to navigate through… Continue Reading