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The After Pay Hack Every CBR Shopper Needs to Know

Leiden editor Emma Batchelor gives comment on the use of after pay in purchasing fashion in an article by Talia Liolios 7/6/18



The ‘Queer Eye’ Crew Are Rumoured To Be Heading To Yass, NSW, Which Checks Out

Our article revealing where the fab five were filming an episode of season 2 of Queer Eye (which scooped major media outlets) was picked up by Pedestrian TV [5/6/18]



Inside the Wardrobe of Emma Batchelor

The lovely Wendy Hu, publications director of the Australian National University Fashion and Beauty Appreciation Society, came to take a peek inside Leiden editor Emma Batchelor’s wardrobe [23/05/18].


How to start your own Fashion Revolution and build a conscious wardrobe

Leiden Editor Emma Batchelor unpacks fashion revolution and explains why it is so important to care about how the clothes we wear are made [24/4/18].



‘Building A Conscious Wardrobe’. Rockstars and Royalty interview Emma from Leiden Magazine

In this interview, Vicky from Rockstars and Royalty chats to Emma from Leiden Magazine about her new book, ‘Building a Conscious Wardrobe’. We discuss how we need to change our consumption and shopping habits when it come to fashion and in many other aspects of our lives [29/11/17].



Who Shot The Photographer Podcast

Who Shot The Podcast is a Podcast all about Canberra’s creatives, photographers, and creative businesses! In Episode 2 features the founder and editor of Leiden Magazine, talking about her life, adventures with Leiden, and everything in between [26/11/17].



Who Shot the Photographer 

James is a wedding and lifestyle photographer with a love of nature and taking photographing people [18/11/17].



Home Stories: Emma Batchelor

Take a peek inside Leiden Editor’s Emma home (and dressing room!) with Ashley Feraude [18/8/17].





Scientist Emma says Hello to Fashion

Leiden Editor Emma Batchelor chats with Kathryn Vukovljak all about Leiden [2/5/17].





Just Be… Inspired – Emma Batchelor

Leiden Editor Emma Batchelor talks to Vicky Kidd-Gallichan about how her love of fashion started and shares advice on how to find the confidence to find your own style [2/5/17].





Canberra based Fashion Blog Leiden Magazine Turns One

 Alex Tricolas talks about Leiden’s first birthday [05/03/17].





Emma Batchelor Has a Lovely New Platform For You

Emma Batchelor talks to Bicky Lee from Hot Chicks with Big Brains about fashion, style and launching a new platform [21/3/16].





Emma Batchelor Styles Up for her New Fashion Blog

This is Canberra talks to Emma about the launch of Leiden and a few of her favourite pieces in her wardrobe [10/3/16].