Submission Guidelines

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Leiden is proud to support both established and emerging creatives producing high quality editorial content. This is why in addition to producing our own creative work, we also take submissions with an aim to support as many people as possible through our platform.

We want to represent a broad range of women and men, a variety of fashion and beauty tastes and ideals as well as support designers, stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, and small business owners. We want to explore important, challenging  topics and to offer a point of view.


Written Submissions

If you are interested in writing for Leiden please pitch to

We accept work from writers of all different skill levels and backgrounds and offer a wide range of support to our contributors.


Fiction & Poetry Submissions

When submitting fiction pieces and poetry please consider the following:

  • Short fiction stories should be between 300–7000 words.
  • Poetry submissions should contain between 1–5 poems (depending on length).
  • Submission should be made in PDF format only.
  • We are happy to consider work that has been submitted or published in other publication but request notification should the submission be published elsewhere.
  • All submissions will receive a response regarding publication.

Please send all submissions to with ‘Fiction Submission’ in the email title.


Art and Illustration Submissions

Original artworks and illustrations are an important part of the Leiden aesthetic. If you are interested in submitting illustrative works or collaborating with Leiden to create original work please contact with ‘Creative Submission’ in the title.

Photographic Submissions

What We Want From You

When making a submission please consider the following in order to give your work the greatest possible chance of being published.

We look for:

  • At least six distinct images
  • At least three distinct ‘looks’
  • A variety of poses
  • Diversity in casting
  • Image credits and relevant website and social media links
  • An exclusive

That being said, rules are meant to be broken and in some cases we have negotiated on one or two of these points.


What We Do For You

For each editorial submission we support you with the following:

  • A feature on the front page of our website for four weeks
  • Facebook page banner image for 1 week
  • Facebook post
  • 3 image Instagram feature
  • Feature in our weekly newsletter


To make a submission email us at with ‘Photographic Submission’ in the title.