There are quite a few lovely and talented people who work on Leiden. Here are a few of them:

Emma Batchelor, Founder & EditorEmma150

As well as a near obsessive interest in fashion, Emma is a former scientist, occasional contemporary dancer, avid reader and self-confessed cat lady (she has three). Emma lived in Leiden in the Netherlands as a baby and Leiden ought to have been her middle name had her mother thought of it at the time and not chosen Louise instead. Emma is the author of Building a Conscious Wardrobe and other fun things.

Follow her on Instagram @emma.leiden


Tina Andrews

Tina is a professional beauty bitch by day and can talk about fragrances for hours on end. She also likes to talk about culture and is a part time nerd who likes to quote movies and TV shows. Tina gets excited when people get her pop culture references. She dislikes bad coffee and paying too much for it.


Kara Burdack

Kara is a contemporary dance creative, dance teacher, barre instructor, wannabe yogi and world wanderer. She loves reading, colouring and sewing. You might find her walking the streets of Melbourne in search of the next best brunch or at home babysitting her cactus and succulent collection with a red wine in hand.

Bunny Butterscotch

Bunny Butterscotch knows the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to a modern day sex life and isn’t afraid to talk about it. With a high sex drive and a dirty mind, Bunny navigates her collection of real life sexual encounters and learning curves with an honest outlook. She is a professional writer and author from Canberra.


Genevieve Chan

Genevieve is a happy, go-lucky, free-spirited woman who is always on the lookout for a new adventure to whisk her away from her public servant day job. When she’s not dancing, running, walking or cycling, you’ll find her helping her husband in their courtyard vegetable garden, cooking or eating (or both) reading and – of course – writing. Gen is the founder and owner of Canberra based dance studio for adults 6th Position.


Surbi Chetty

Surbi lives in a world of beauty and makeup, which is her main inspiration for drawing. She is a beauty illustrator as well as a makeup artist. Surbi’s drawing style is carefree and wild, she likes to break all the rules and let her watercolours and pens take control whilst listening to some jazz music on the radio.

Follow her on Instagram @surbichetty


Holly Cooper

Holly Cooper is Canberra born and has worked in the beauty and fashion industry for over a decade. She loves to travel and brings those experiences home to develop new creative ideas. She enjoys a glass of red and music for relaxation and inspiration.


Lilah Gow, Beauty Director

Lilah Gow is an award winning makeup artist who has studied in Sydney and LA, and is now based in Canberra. She has worked alongside some of Australia’s most respected artists in Fashion, Film, Television and Editorial. She has now turned her focus to bringing quality makeup services to the Canberra region.


Hays Deniz

A newly-converted Melbournian but Kiwi at heart, Hays enjoys sipping on skinny mochas (yes, one of those people) in her spare time, getting lost in the wonderful isles of Sephora and eating her way through the city.


Johanna Dziadkiewicz

Finance professional by day, fashion illustrator by night, Johanna spends most of her sparetime drawing- whether sitting on the couch at home or a peak hour train. Being addicted to all things pattern & colour, Johanna has no problem standing out against the grey Melbourne weather.

Follow her on Instagram @johannadziadkiewicz


Julian Everett, Nutrition Editor

You’ll either find Julian working out, riding his single speed pushbike or reading an article on something to do with nutrition. Starting out as a personal trainer now an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Julian has a passion for healthy balanced eating. But don’t think quinoa, organic blueberries and kale, Julian is all about practical, sustainable eating practices on foods you love and enjoy. It’s also about moderation not restriction, so pass the red wine, dark chocolate and green tea.

Roshan Fernandez, Director of Audio

Roshan is a music producer and one half of Mondecreen. He is also the best podcast producer around.


Claire Gatenby

Claire is a born and bred Canberran who made the wild decision to quit her job and move to Seattle, USA. She loves cats, travelling, the outdoors and taking photos.

Follow her adventures on instagram @clairest13


Georgia L Holgate

Georgia loves to eat, travel, learn, Instagram and sleep. Georgia is Italian, a Leo, as well as very dramatic and believes in hard work, having fun and pure imagination.

Instagram @georgialholgate / Twitter @georgialholgate / Linked In


Bec Huynh

Bec’s interest in beauty started with watching how to do your make up YouTube tutorials and has grown into a love affair with all things beauty related. Other interests include food, puppies and chocolate.


Lexi Keelan, Art Director

Lexi Keelan is an artist based in Canberra, Australia. Lexi has always harboured a passion for drawing, singing and playing the piano and changing up her hair style. She completed her Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development (Specialising in Art) Academy of Interactive Entertainment and runs her own business ‘Art by Lexi’.


Judy Kuo

While she studies philosophy and sociology, Judy secretly dreams of becoming an illustrator. Her life goals include building a personal art studio, getting two dogs, and lecturing in contemporary social theory.

Follow her on Instagram @doodles_by_judy


Bicky Lee

Bicky Lee is a feminist performance artist from New Zealand. She writes for Hot Chicks with Big Brains and Tearaway as well as Leiden and enjoys looking after her friend’s cats.


Jenna Maurer

As well as having a lifelong obsession with shoes, Jenna is a bookworm, a cinephile and an avid breakfast enthusiast. When she’s not working as a lingerie fitter, she can usually be found having coffee with mates or re – watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the millionth time. A huge believer in body positivity and self-care, she is also passionate about mental health awareness.


Freya Morton

Freya is from country NSW but moved to the big city to follow her tv dream. She spends her time writing, watching movies and dominating at spider solitaire. She hopes one day there is a show called ‘At the Movies with Margaret, David and Freya’.

Read more of her reviews at her website Freya Reviews

Tina Nikolovski, Fashion Photography

Tina is a fashion photographer, model agent, personal trainer and instructor. She is a lover of life – and believes that everyone should be living to their higher purpose, in a self-constructed lifestyle, discovering themselves from the inside out. A lover of animals, nature and all things pure, Tina believes that anything in this life is possible, and dependent on one’s perception and inner drive.

Follow Tina’s work here:
IG @tinanikolovski FB W

And Tina’s agency here:
IG @devojkamodels FB W


Jesse Petrie, Copy Editor

A dashingly handsome man with many talents and a humble heart. Jesse has been on board with Leiden since it’s inception, tirelessly writing his opinions down for all the world to see. When he’s not with us he spends his free time reading, writing, and obsessing over fighting games.


Cleo Pilcher

A born and bred Canberran, Cleo escaped out tiny roundabout filled town at the age of 22 to try out living in France and later Sydney. 6 years later she realised that Canberra isn’t so bad after all and came crawling back. She now takes x-rays for a living and never gets bored of seeing inside of people’s bodies.


Elle Summers,

Elle is originally from Oxford, England but is now happy to call Australia home. Just like another famous Elle, Elle Summers isn’t afraid to wear head to toe pink, speak her mind or point out crimes against fashion. Snaps for Elle! She adores running, coffee and pretty boys.


Kim Vella, Careers Editor

What you see is what you get with Kim – and that is why her clients love working with her. There is no corporate persona, just a personable executive coach who engages and empowers talented leaders to break through the “inner game” – self-sabotage and self-limiting thoughts. Her extended multicultural family warms her heart and her Whippet, Oscar, keeps her on her toes!

Visit Kim Vella Coaching to find out more

Hannah Wallace

When she isn’t busy studying marketing and anthropology, you will find Hannah working at her local theatre. And when she isn’t working there, you will find her watching all the shows that come to town. Hannah loves to share a good ol’ instagram of her beloved home town Canberra, especially if it’s of a delicious brunch, a cup of coffee, or a combination of the two. Follow her theatre, brunch and coffee filled adventures at @hvwal


Miriam Walsh, Podcast Regular

When Miriam Walsh is not busy sipping gin & tonics with friends or watching Netflix, she’s either working at Deloitte, or telling bad jokes. She is on the verge of being a crazy dog lady, as well as an eBay entrepreneur, a baking extraordinaire, and gin-rummy champion.

Follow her on Instagram @miriambellewalsh


Liz Wensing

Liz is a lover of all things health and fitness. Her passion is to educate and empower everyone to live healthy and abundant lives. Liz has spent many years learning everything there is to know about health through formal and informal study. Her favourite drink is chai and yoga pants dominate her wardrobe.


Sheree Yap

Having always loved playing with hair at home and experimenting with different styles, you could say that Sheree was destined to become a hairdresser! From the start of her career as an apprentice to traveling overseas to New York fashion week, she has always said that the best is yet to come. Sheree has spent the last 5 years of her career beautifying hair in the relaxing space of Kundalini in Barton, Canberra.

If you would like to join our team just send us an email. We would love to hear from you.

Contributor Illustrations: Johanna Dziadkiewicz