Things to Consider Before Choosing From Trending Organic Skin Care Brands

It is quite hard to resist buying a trending organic skin care product that everyone is talking about. In the recent past, organic skin care products have taken the beauty market by force. Currently, there are many highly effective and innovative chic brands. With the many options available, making a choice can be quite intimidating especially for someone transitioning to a new regime. Some products have organic labels, but the ingredients do not reflect anything organic. Due to the lack of agreement on what constitutes organic or natural formulation in Australia, consumers are considering many factors before purchasing trending organic… Continue Reading

All About Skin

  Skin. The largest organ on the human body.   Now, I am sure there are some male porn stars who would challenge me on this, but this article is about skin care so let’s keep it classy; at least until I write an article about the other. Back to skin. We slather it with all sorts of stuff to keep it supple and looking good, but do we know what the stuff in our skin care products actually does to benefit our skin? As a long standing beauty bitch, I have used a great deal of product over the… Continue Reading

A Masterclass with Amy Erbacher

  We were treated to a beauty masterclass at the Canberra Centre last weekend, lead by beauty therapist and wellness expert, Amy Erbacher. With over ten years experience in the wellness industry, we knew we were in the best hands to learn more about skincare with a holistic approach. The aim of the precious hour Amy had with us was to make skincare and beauty simple, to make it easy and accessible to everyone. Here’s what I took away from the session with Amy:   Extrinsic & Intrinsic Factors influencing our skin We need to consider both extrinsic and intrinsic… Continue Reading

Why I Choose Cruelty Free Beauty Products

  If you like smothering yourself in lovely skincare products and can’t leave the house without makeup on but also think animals are just the greatest, then you might one day face the same dilemma I did. I was always aware that most cosmetics are tested on animals, but I never thought about it too much until one day it really started to bother me. I suddenly couldn’t deal with the fact that animals were being tortured just so that I could look nice(r). So I did some research and discovered Choose Cruelty Free, a not for profit Australian organisation… Continue Reading

10 Ways to Use Coconut Oil – Tried and Tested

  If you haven’t been living under a rock, you have most likely heard about the wonder of coconut oil. It claims to be the cure for everything! However, with so many articles and people telling me what to use it for, it can be a bit overwhelming deciding what is actually worth trying and what actually works. So I’ve tried a few of the common uses for coconut oil to find out for myself. My experiences and thoughts are below:   Body moisturiser When at room temperature, coconut oil has a white wax-like texture. However, it will start to… Continue Reading

A Beauty Masterclass with Eleanor Pendleton of Gritty Pretty

  On a cold, foggy Saturday morning, I was lucky enough to attend a beauty masterclass lead by Gritty Pretty editor, Eleanor Pendleton, at the Canberra Centre. Eleanor was warm, open and fun, it was a pleasure to hear her speak about herself, her business and all things beauty. Like most of us, Eleanor’s first beauty memories are associated with her mum. ‘She had a morning ritual of moisturising from head to toe’ she laughs. ‘I’m also one of two sisters; we were always playing with makeup.’ In her teen years Eleanor described herself as a bit of a tomboy… Continue Reading

Fashion and Beauty Blogs to Follow When You Don’t Know Much About Fashion or Beauty

“Beauty is not a competition. All women want is to be the best version of themselves.” – Sue Bryce, Photographer   Have you ever scanned through the pages of Vogue or clicked through the images on Refinery29 and been overwhelmed with the amount of fashion news or beauty tips being thrown about like confetti? Are you interested in changing your look or experimenting with colour blocking, but aren’t quite sure where to start or even what colour blocking is? Psst, guess what? You are not alone. For many of us more quiet observers, it can be difficult to navigate through… Continue Reading

Why I love being a Beauty Advisor

  It all started when I was 4 years old. My Mother has a photo of me sitting on her gold wire and purple faux fur vintage chair brushing my golden curly hair. In her vintage dressing table drawer, she kept a few beauty products I became obsessed with as soon as I could appreciate them. The first, a strawberry scented rollerball lipgloss from the 1970s that smelled so delicious, it also doubled as my personal lollipop. The second, a Helena Rubenstein white compact containing a deep dusty pink cheek blush otherwise known as “rouge” at the time and the… Continue Reading