Mental Health and Self Love

  Self Love September is all about loving ourselves, and so far we have focused on learning to love our bodies. As was said previously, this was because the weight-loss industry is currently doubling down on its efforts to make us feel like we need their help to make our bodies acceptable for summer. All this is complete rubbish, our bodies are already totally fine for summer, whatever they look like. Self love isn’t always just about loving our bodies, though, it is also about looking after our minds and caring for our mental health. I’ll admit, I can be… Continue Reading

Is social media making you miserable?

  We all know that social media is a huge part of society these days. We probably also know that it can have a pretty negative impact on our mental health. One of the areas that this negativity can hit us the hardest is body image and self esteem. There are a thousand-and-one articles about how harmful the ‘Insta-perfect’ life can be, but it is always worth reminding ourselves that these picture perfect lives are unrealistic and probably aren’t even representative of actual lives of the people posting them. With this in mind, chances are social media is still going… Continue Reading

Exorcising The Black Dog

  Garry Mills loves a challenge and his mission is to add value to as many peoples lives as possible. Garry coaches people for their public speaking, careers and personal growth; is a regular MC and host; a radio presenter; and a member of Team Australia in an international fitness competition that has now been produced into a reality TV show.  He competes in triathlons, just ran a marathon and has been rowing for a few years.  He has a beautiful wife, kids and mini schnauzer. Garry also has depression and is very open about his illness to raise awareness,… Continue Reading

That Bitch Called Anxiety

  Anxiety. You know it well. That bitch of a disorder that many of us are all too familiar with and feel we can’t really talk about.    Why? Judgement, fear, perception. It’s an invisible condition so it mustn’t be real. You’re just a drama queen/king. Well, people that have never suffered anxiety will probably see it this way and I’m sure you’ve been on the receiving end of this if you’ve experienced anxiety. Friendships, family, work, thoughts, social media. They’re all triggers and sometimes nothing triggers it at all because anxiety is an irrational bitch that can strike at… Continue Reading