How To Shop For Makeup When You’re Clueless

  You walk into your favourite department store. Your first thought is: ‘oh God I’m wearing pink crocs and not a skerrick of makeup on my face. I can’t do this.’ You look around and see pretty products, pretty counters, and pretty people and you feel inspired to walk right back out of those majestic department store doors, but remember what I said a few articles ago? That’s right, we’re paid to look good. You feel overwhelmed and scary feelings start to set in. Everything looks so glamorous and so do the unapproachable looking, makeup-wearing people, who look as though… Continue Reading

How To Shop for a new Fragrance

In my daily life as Beauty Personal Shopping Queen, I often meet people who want me to help them find a fragrance “I need a fragrance for my wedding” or “I want to smell like a chocolate coated musk stick” or “I want a coffee scent with a heart note of cigarettes” is often what I hear. OK, the last two are a slight embellishment, but I do hear some quirky requests and let me tell you, I am happy to oblige and show off my fragrance knowledge in these instances. Buying fragrance is an emotional purchase and very personal. It… Continue Reading

How to Shop for Bronzer

  So. Summer’s gone and when you glance in the mirror, you realise you’re looking frighteningly like Edward Scissorhands. What do you do? You open the contents of your dusty, foundation smeared makeup bag, and stare at your bronzer and wonder “How on earth will I ever go from a 1980’s mystical creature, to bronze goddess Jo-Lo?” You stare back down at your compact, containing that scary looking tanned pressed powder, and decide it’s better to leave it in there or risk looking like a gingerbread man. Don’t fret! The bronze look is very easily achievable, and is universally flattering… Continue Reading

How to Shop the S/S 16 Season

  Why are we telling you how to shop the latest Spring/Summer collections when winter is coming? Unfortunately for us here in Australia, the release of the international designer collections follows the seasons of the northern hemisphere. Just as we are getting ready to unearth our opaques and cardigans from the back of our wardrobes, our overseas friends are approaching summer. This means if you like to keep up to date with the latest international fashion trends you can’t necessarily dress for the weather. But don’t worry the trends that have emerged from the S/S runways will inform what we… Continue Reading

How to Shop Like a Beauty Insider

  Now, you love all things to do with makeup, and part of that is the cool, limited edition packaging. However, every time you go to a counter to buy that special product with the 24 karat gold and diamond encrusted packaging, it’s sold out before it’s even released. How very disenchanting. You need some professional tips so you can be sure that your bejeweled product will be living in your foundation smeared makeup bag before that Kim K clone you always see, gets her perfectly polished little paws on it. How will you do this? Well, you know which… Continue Reading

How to Op Shop

Have you ever noticed that those people with the most enviable personal style don’t dress head to toe in any one designer? They mix and match between designer, high street and vintage to create looks entirely their own. Kate Moss does this better than anyone. She practically invented this approach to dressing in a modern context. But lets face it; we don’t all have Kate Moss’s fashion connections or bank account. So how can the average person start to build a wardrobe of clothes unique to them? The cheapest and easiest way to add an individual element to your wardrobe is by integrating vintage pieces.… Continue Reading