FASHFEST Beauty Inspiration

Ahead of FASHFEST this year we got our hands on a couple of products from sponsors Harlotte Cosmetics and Sukin Skincare. A fabulous fashion event like FASHFEST calls not only for a killer outfit but also a fab beauty look. We decided to have a play and come up with four looks to get you inspired for FASHFEST.   The Products   The Girls The lovely Jenna and Lexi lent their faces as the blank canvases for this shoot.       The Looks We created four looks featuring our hero products from Sukin and Harlotte Cosmetics.   Golden Goddess… Continue Reading

How to Grow Out a Pixie Cut

       So you’ve finally gotten up the courage to cut your hair to the most talked about length, the pixie. For someone like me, this requires months worth of thought and pinning images before I even consider going to the salon. When I am going for a big hair change, I always think about how it is going to grow out afterwards. A pixie cut is one of the most challenging styles to grow out, unless mullets are your thing. But when the time comes and you are ready to let it grow, it can take a lot of patience… Continue Reading

How to Wear Bronzer

  You’ve bought the bronzer and have the bronzer brush in your hand, you’re staring into the fun house mirror attached to your 1950’s dressing table and you’re ready to be a glowing goddess. But, uh oh. You don’t know where to start. Did you first apply your foundation/BB cream/ tinted moisturiser/ concealer and set with translucent or sheer powder? If you didn’t, then you’ve been a naughty wannabe bronze goddess, and weren’t listening. This is what makes all the difference: flawless canvas, set with powder, smooth and ready for a flawless bronze application. Always remember that powder grabs onto… Continue Reading

How to – 70s Disco Makeup gets Modern

  The 70’s have been making a comeback in the fashion world for a few seasons now, and that decade has extended its influence to makeup as well. This look, which we have named ’70’s disco’ is perfect for a night on the town. It is essentially a smokey eye livened up with jewel tones.   To make those eyes pop you want to keep your base simple. Just like we mentioned in our last How-to (A Beauty Basic: Bold Brow and Lip), if you are blessed with amazing skin you are good to go but otherwise give yourself the… Continue Reading

How To – A Beauty Basic: Bold Brow and Red Lip

  A bold red lip is a classic and nothing is more on trend right now than a bold brow. Combine the two and you are looking at one wearable beauty look. The great thing is, this look is super simple to replicate. Make sure to start with a clean, clear base. If you are blessed with the skin of a baby angel you are good to go, otherwise for us mere mortals a dab of concealer, a slick of foundation and a subtle dusting of blush will set you up. Remember to keep your base simple (no need to… Continue Reading

How to do your Makeup in 5 minutes flat

  Working long hours, catching up with people, running around to appointments and meetings. If you’re anything like me you have a million places to be and the idea of showing up looking glamorous is just that, an idea. Well you’ll be pleased to know there are short cuts and quick fixes that can get you on your way in record time.   Base Moisturiser, toner, sunscreen, primer, foundation powder – scrap that we’re in a hurry. CC (Colour Correcting) or BB (Beauty Balm, among other names) creams are your solution. These creams have pigment to help cover any blemishes… Continue Reading

How to – The Korean Ten Step Cleanse

Have you noticed that Korean people have the most translucent looking skin, or that their makeup is always on point? It’s generally very natural and simple looking with a youthful glow. “How do they do it?”, you ask. It all starts with the skincare. The acclaimed Korean skincare routine can average around ten steps. It’s all about layering thin amounts of product to build and hydrate the skin.   Prep – removing your makeup with makeup wipes or removers. Oil cleanser – oil cleansers are an essential step in the routine, removing any residue of makeup and lifting any oils/dirt… Continue Reading