Hair Colour and Identity: A Personal Analysis

  After embracing my natural mousy brown locks throughout my youth, I experimented with thick blonde ‘streaks’ in high school and by the time I got to college, it was various shades of brown that were at home atop my head. When I reached, university, however I found myself craving something rich, solid and dependable. After falling in love with Florence Welch sometime during my first year at uni I finally had my muse and signature colour: red. My mother, also a natural brunette, had found red many years previously so I would be doing her a disservice to not… Continue Reading

A Visit to Aveda

  Do you ever think about your scalp? Good on you if you do, because I certainly don’t. My hair, yes, but not my scalp. After attending a masterclass with Makeup artist Max May at the Canberra Centre, I popped into Aveda to find out what they are all about and to learn a thing or two about my scalp. For the uninitiated, Aveda is all about connecting beauty, the environment and wellbeing and has roots in Ayurvedic science. Founded by a hairdresser back in 1978, this brand specialises in products made using all natural, plant-based ingredients. The company has… Continue Reading

Wraps With Style

  Let these winter looks inspire you to try something different on the days when you just don’t know what to do with your hair. For the longest time I have been a big fan of scarves and headscarfs. I find it’s a great way to create a pulled together look without trying too hard. I like that if my hair is working, I can tie a scarf in way to add a bit of colour and style but on the days when I wake up and my hair looks like a birds nest, I can use a scarf to… Continue Reading

The Trouble With Hair

  I have recently been getting a lot of positive feedback about my hair, which, while lovely, has lead me to reflect on why this might be. I am actually quite bad with my hair. Sheree, our lovely contributor who is also my hairdresser, can attest. But first some context. You have probably noticed from the many photos getting around of me that I love clothes. I love clothes so much that I regularly spend all my spare money (and even money I don’t have) on all the pretty things that call out to me, wooing me with their siren… Continue Reading

Review: Good Dye Young

In typical everyday life, we don’t tend to see people walking around with hair that is so bright you need sunglasses just to look at it. But why not? Well now there is nothing holding you back. Let me introduce you to Good Dye Young. Good Dye Young is a new, do-it-yourself, at home hair colour that has already made a huge impression, appearing in publications such as Nylon, Vogue and Bustle. Created by my vocal hero and hair idol, Hayley Williams, and her colourist, Brian O’Conner, this new and exciting colour range will have heads turning. Some of you… Continue Reading

How to Grow Out a Pixie Cut

       So you’ve finally gotten up the courage to cut your hair to the most talked about length, the pixie. For someone like me, this requires months worth of thought and pinning images before I even consider going to the salon. When I am going for a big hair change, I always think about how it is going to grow out afterwards. A pixie cut is one of the most challenging styles to grow out, unless mullets are your thing. But when the time comes and you are ready to let it grow, it can take a lot of patience… Continue Reading

Sheree Yap at New York Fashion Week

    After three flights and a taxi ride later, hair stylist Sheree Yap has arrived in New York to take part in Fashion Week. Sheree has been cutting and styling hair at Kundalini salon for over four years and for the second year in a row, her hard work and dedication to her craft have earned her a trip to New York courtesy of hair product brand Original & Mineral. Located within Hotel Realm in Canberra, Kundalini salon offers a luxurious experience with hair cutting, styling, and colouring, as well as make up and eyebrow threading all on offer… Continue Reading

Mane University Beauty Retreat

  If you are passionate about all things hair, chances are you have heard of Mane Addicts. What originally started as a profile on Instagram created by Jen Atkins (also founder of Ouai Haircare) has grown into a website, university and social media powerhouse lead by a team of dedicated professionals.  Mane Addicts recently hosted their first ever Mane Univerisity Beauty Retreat at the beautiful Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort in Hawaii. Susie Dimov, director of the luxurious Kundalini salon in Canberra, was lucky enough to attend this incredible weekend workshop.  On hand were celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, Mane… Continue Reading