Deciding to Get Fit for the Last Time Changed My Whole Life

  Late last year I had an epiphany. It was the kind of realisation that is so strikingly obvious that you can’t comprehend how it didn’t occur to you earlier. I was stuck in an endless cycle. I would exercise intensely and follow a strict eating plan for months in the lead up to an event and then once the event had passed, turn into a take-out-ordering-couch-potato as a way of decompressing It occurred to me that not only was this exhausting cycle a total waste of my time and energy, it felt like it was getting harder each time… Continue Reading

Meet Leiden’s Newest Fitness and Exercise Professional, Brooke Crisp

  ‘It always puts a big smile on my face, seeing my clients being able to achieve things that they didn’t think they could. It’s such a rewarding experience when they come to you and say “I don’t have pain anymore” or “I haven’t been able to do that in years”,’ explains fitness specialist, Brooke Crisp. Brooke is Leiden’s newest addition to the health and wellness team. We interviewed Brooke last week and she reveals to us why she loves teaching others about exercise and fitness, ‘For me it is an industry that doesn’t feel like work; everyday I get… Continue Reading

Cool Your Jets Post Exercise – Why You Should Cool Down

  So now that you understand why it’s important to bust a move before you bust a sweat (Warm-up), it’s also important to understand a cool-down post exercise. A cool down is equally important as the warm-up.   5 Important facts about a cool down: The cool down brings the body back to homeostasis (when our internal body seeks balance and equilibrium). Blood flow and breathing rates return to preconditioning levels. Allows for psychological recovery from the session. A debrief can be a useful tool to talk about goals and performance. This is particularly useful if you are working out… Continue Reading

Move Your Body Before You Move Your Body – Why you should Warm Up Before You Exercise

  So you’ve checked out the 5 exercises, 10 repetitions in 15 minutes sweat buster. Excellent! Before you dive head first into the workout, read on to find out how you can gain more out of your workout by including a warm up before you bust a move. A warm up is a really important phase of any workout session.   5 important facts about a warm-up: The warm-up allows for physiological and psychological preparation for exercise. In other words, it gets you physically and mentally prepared for more intense and harder movement. Increases blood flow to working muscles Increases… Continue Reading

Break a Sweat – 5 Exercises, 10 Repetitions in 15 minutes

  Here is a quick and easy workout that’s sure to get your heart rate pumping, burn energy and keep you toned. These high intensity exercises are perfect for anywhere anytime, including your lunch break or your lounge room.   5 EXERCISES, 10 REPETITIONS IN 15 MINUTES   Grab a timer. Your phone is a good option. Set the timer to 15 minutes.   PUSH UPS X 10 Tips: Beginner on knees, advanced on toes. Abdominal muscles engaged. Spine in a straight line. Breath: Inhale down, exhale push up.   MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS X 10 EACH LEG Tips: Engage the core… Continue Reading

Diet Trends for 2016

  Another new year and a fresh round of updated and improved diet and nutrition trends flood the newspapers, social media, and people’s mouths. It makes sense to promote new diet trends at the start of the year because that’s when many people set their health and fitness goals, or resolutions for the New Year. This year, depending on who you are following, you will find a huge range of people spruiking what you should eat, how much you should eat, when you should eat it and, of course, what you should avoid. This year the wonderful bunch from Appetite… Continue Reading

Your Nutrition questions answered — Meet Julian, Leiden’s resident Nutritionist

Do you feel like you can’t keep up with the latest nutrition news because there is so much information available now that it makes you really unsure about what is fact and what is fiction? We interviewed Nutritionist and Fitness Expert, Julian Everett, this week. Julian is one of Leiden’s regular contributors. He will be bringing you simple diet and nutrition information making it easy for you to find good, factual information. Julian completed a Bachelor of Human Nutrition and is now currently completing his Master in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Canberra. Julian is working towards becoming… Continue Reading

Does a Do It Yourself Approach to Fitness Really Work?

  With more and more commitments vying for our time and attention, it can be increasingly difficult to make it to your regular gym or yoga class each week. That’s why the do-it-yourself approach to fitness is gaining popularity. But the DIY approach brings its own set of challenges; finding time, motivation and support. Everyone’s approach to fitness is unique, which is why each person’s fitness regime should be unique too. Can you work out effectively on your own when and where you want? We have explored the options for the time-poor but exercise-keen person of today, to help you… Continue Reading