EQ: Do you know where you stand?

  Do you operate with a sufficient dose of EQ at work? Do you even know how much EQ you have? Emotional intelligence (also known as emotional quotient) is essential for life. Some of us naturally have more than others. Some of us think we have it when we don’t. And some of us never think about it, or care. Here’s the thing: on the professional front, lack of EQ can get you into shit real quick. It can get you fired. It can stop you from getting promoted. It can land you in the media, with coverage that can… Continue Reading

A call to arms: How to become an amazing woman leader

  It’s mind blowing to think that here we sit, half way through 2018, and women are still facing gender equality issues. Still working in environments where the blokes do better because, well, they’re blokes. It’s shit. As a coach I continually hear from women who don’t even know where to begin busting through gender equality barriers. Well I can tell you that idle chat around the coffee machine isn’t going to cut it. And neither is a self-help book, no matter how well it’s written. Women have what it takes to become extraordinary leaders. That’s a given. What they… Continue Reading

Six Tips For Being a Strategic Leader

  Through Leiden I have found myself leading a team of incredible people. Each of our team members have different needs and work preferences, and work across a wide variety of roles in varied locations around the country. Although I have developed management and leadership experience in my various day jobs, nothing really prepared me for the skills required to lead a large, flexible team all while growing a publication and hopefully a business from scratch. It can be difficult to become an effective leader – it takes a lot of work even if it comes naturally to you. With… Continue Reading

The Network of Possibility

  The Network of Possibility is hosting a cocktail reception on Wednesday 9 August. The event will raise funds for its charities of choice: Toora Women Inc., Karinya House, and YWCA Canberra. Two guest speakers will share their views at the Network on Wednesday: Former Secretary Mark Sullivan will lead a discussion on the role of leadership in creating ‘non-blokey’ workplaces. Mr Sullivan will unpack the issue of gender inequity with case studies and his personal insight. Leading gamification expert Kerstin Oberprieler will lead a discussion on imposter phenomenon. Ms Oberprieler will share personal insight on how to let your… Continue Reading

The Modern Girl’s Career Guide to Feedback

  We need to talk about feedback. There is a chronic shortage of it. We all know this because we’re not giving enough feedback and when we do, we do it in a clumsy awkward manner that has unintended consequences. We have become afraid of giving feedback and this is how we justify our reluctance:   Excuse # 1 – people do not want feedback Excuse # 2 – people get offended when I give them feedback Excuse # 3 – people will probably make bullying and harassment claims when I give them feedback Excuse # 4 – I don’t… Continue Reading

What I Learned From A Shit Business Meeting

  So something happened to me the other day that sent me on a roller coaster of emotions. Feelings of inadequacy, shame and embarrassment all balled together in what culminated at the end of the day in me feeling like a big idiot for even letting that sort of shit get to me. But let’s back track. I’ve talked a lot about why I started this magazine. If you haven’t heard my story before, it is summed up beautifully and pictorially in our first print zine (a shameless plug I know). It’s been a tonne of hard work but I… Continue Reading

The Modern Girl’s Career Guide to Fear

  ‘Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.’ Marie Curie   We all have blind spots. One of the biggest is how fear impacts us and drives a wedge between our intentions and our impact. I don’t believe any of us intend to be judgemental, disconnected, insensitive, or achieve less than our full potential. But we can be and we are despite our best intentions, despite our best intentions. When we are fearful, we lack the capacity to turn off our judgement, allow ourselves to connect and be sensitive to other people’s perspectives. I… Continue Reading