Treatment Review: Microblading

I’m not sure about you but I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with brows.   When I found out about feather tattoo and microblading, I was intrigued. My first thoughts were of my mum’s friends with their blue stained tattoo brows which I definitely was not a fan of. Microblading or feathering tattoos have come a long way since then. Rather than a solid block of colour, hair strokes are drawn on, mimicking natural brow hairs. I recently did mine and cannot be happier. I do not need to fill in my brows any more as I wake… Continue Reading

Microblading with Brow’ed Transformations

  Brows. My favourite beauty topic. Some are thick, some are thin, many are offensive. When it comes to brows, we’ve heard it all: they frame the face, brows are sisters not twins, and tadpoles belong in ponds; okay well, I made that last one up but I firmly believe I make a good point, don’t you agree? Brow grooming has really come a long way since the days of waxing by using home methods involving mixing the correct ratios of honey, sugar, and water with lemon. Tweezing is still a firm favourite for makeup artists because of its precision.… Continue Reading

The Art of Eyebrow Threading

  There is no denying that brows have been having a huge moment for a long time now and that our thirst for full, manicured face-framers isn’t abating anytime soon. We have already talked about some of the ways to maintain them (check out Miriam’s thought on tinting here) but now let’s talk about eyebrow threading. When I first started to pay attention to my eyebrows as a teenager, pencil thin ones were all the rage and this of course required a lot of upkeep. I can still vividly recall the image of one girl in my year 9 science… Continue Reading

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting – The Lazy Girls Guide to Great Eyes

  I love eyebrows. They are definitely my favourite feature on women. I could stare at Lily Collin’s bold brows all day long. However, with my fair hair, there is no way I could ever achieve such magnificent brows without pots of eyebrow gel and a few dozen brow pencils. Whilst I could spend 15 minutes a day perfecting my brows with expensive products, I am the quintessential lazy makeup-wearer who simply doesn’t have the patience (or skill) to totally nail the bold brow look by myself. After all, it’s a very fine line between having bold eyebrows and just… Continue Reading