Book Review: Only Daughter

  Last year, I received Only Daughter, by Anna Snoekstra, as a birthday gift from one of my neighbours. She had read it with her book club a couple of months earlier and thought I might enjoy reading it for myself. She was right; I enjoyed it so much, I decided to write it about it. Only Daughter is a gritty, mystery thriller. After a shoplifting incident gone wrong, a young fugitive claims to be the decade-missing Rebecca Winter. The only catch is: she’s not. Told in a split narrative, the story recounts the events preceding the real Bec Winter’s… Continue Reading

Book Review: If On A Winter’s Night a Traveller

Earlier this year, I picked up If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller, by Italo Calvino, from a book-swap shelf at my workplace. I was about to embark on a six-week journey around Europe and was looking for some reading material; a book with ‘traveller’ in the title seemed appropriate. What I expected was a travelling tale. What I got was an exploration of how we humans undertake, experience and process the read experience. My default approach would be to start by giving you a synopsis of the book. However, If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller is not a… Continue Reading

Book Review: The Many Selves of Katherine North

  Before you read this book, hop onto Emma Geen’s website and have a quick read about her. When someone’s PhD ‘aims to draw together the findings of science, philosophy and literature to examine the relationships between narrative, embodiment and empathy,’ it’s difficult not to feel as though their debut novel is going to be an epic ride. And The Many Selves of Katherine North doesn’t disappoint. Geen’s novel asks many big questions. What does it mean to be human? Where does ‘animal’ end and ‘human’ begin? What is the human conscious and what sets it apart from other living… Continue Reading