A Fifteen Minute Beauty Routine With A Beauty Bitch…

  Leiden’s resident beauty bitch Tina Andrews shares her fifteen minute beauty routine.   What is the very first thing you do when you get up in the morning regarding your beauty routine? I first drink a tall glass of water; vodka just isn’t hydrating enough and because I am responsible and prefer not to stumble to the train station I really prefer nature’s fruit juice. It wakes your skin up instantly. I then splash my face with water, and depending if I feel I need to cleanse and exfoliate, I might do that over the sink and use a… Continue Reading

All About Skin

  Skin. The largest organ on the human body.   Now, I am sure there are some male porn stars who would challenge me on this, but this article is about skin care so let’s keep it classy; at least until I write an article about the other. Back to skin. We slather it with all sorts of stuff to keep it supple and looking good, but do we know what the stuff in our skin care products actually does to benefit our skin? As a long standing beauty bitch, I have used a great deal of product over the… Continue Reading

Why Being Single Can Be Fun

  Being single can be really fun. It can be so fun that even committing to simple things like dinner with a friend can be hard. Is it then any wonder that the thought of sharing my life with a significant other makes me feel like there’s something very tight and possibly made of fire and glass around my neck? Being single when you’re a woman of my vintage, can really open you up to judgments, because let’s face it: if you’re single past a certain age group, people think that you’re either emotionally unstable, sit in the corner at… Continue Reading

Makeup for the Gym

  I am of the opinion that wearing makeup to the gym is absurd. So absurd in fact, that I mercilessly mock the shit out of people that do it.   When I am lifting a kettle bell or running on the treadmill like I am being chased by a bear through the Canadian woods, the last thing I care about is how perfect my skin or eye shadow blending abilities appear to others watching me, while I work out. I am however, a makeup artist and I know how important it is to many of you, so I feel… Continue Reading

Microblading with Brow’ed Transformations

  Brows. My favourite beauty topic. Some are thick, some are thin, many are offensive. When it comes to brows, we’ve heard it all: they frame the face, brows are sisters not twins, and tadpoles belong in ponds; okay well, I made that last one up but I firmly believe I make a good point, don’t you agree? Brow grooming has really come a long way since the days of waxing by using home methods involving mixing the correct ratios of honey, sugar, and water with lemon. Tweezing is still a firm favourite for makeup artists because of its precision.… Continue Reading

Make Up for Men

  You look in the mirror and you see a handsome specimen. You think: I’m alright but I could use a little refining. You see dark circles, a few blemishes, and uneven skin tone. As you study your chiselled face, you’re wondering if it’s okay to maybe consider using a few products to enhance your rugged good looks. Maybe some concealer under your eyes or that stuff that makes your skin look evenly toned. How would you go about finding some products to suit your needs, especially when you’re led to believe that makeup is something that’s predominately girly territory? In… Continue Reading

Review – Laura Mercier Highlighters

  Highlighters. So many to choose from. Shimmery, glittery, pearly, embossed with brand names and swirly patterns that make them look so pretty you won’t want to ever put your little paws in them. So about a year ago when I officially became a Beauty Bitch for an entire cosmetic department, I would walk around trying to familiarise myself with everyone’s star products so that I would be on top of current trends and so that I would know what the hell I was talking about when people asked me about products from different brands. Look I’ll be honest here,… Continue Reading

That Bitch Called Anxiety

  Anxiety. You know it well. That bitch of a disorder that many of us are all too familiar with and feel we can’t really talk about.    Why? Judgement, fear, perception. It’s an invisible condition so it mustn’t be real. You’re just a drama queen/king. Well, people that have never suffered anxiety will probably see it this way and I’m sure you’ve been on the receiving end of this if you’ve experienced anxiety. Friendships, family, work, thoughts, social media. They’re all triggers and sometimes nothing triggers it at all because anxiety is an irrational bitch that can strike at… Continue Reading