Join the Self-Love Movement: The Importance of Self-Love Event

  How often do you prioritise the things in your life which are important to you? The things that make you feel peace, joy, happiness, harmony and love? How often do you do things just for you? You know, without being that person who is also a wife, partner, mother, sister, aunty, friend, doctor, worker, professional, home-maker, chef… that never-ending list of identities we take on as women, forgetting that we too need some TLC.   Tender. Loving. Care. ‘Life is delicious when sweetened with self-love’   And we aren’t just talking about bubble baths and rainbows… we are talking… Continue Reading

Q&A with Alex Tobin, Leiden’s newest Health and Wellness expert

  We did a Q&A with Leiden’s newest health and wellness expert, Alex Tobin, this week. Alex shares with us how her passion for nutrition and health began because of her own health challenges. She reveals to us that she was headed to burn-out town, working long hours and living a high stress life until she made changes and experienced the benefits herself. Here at Leiden our health and wellness experts aren’t like others. They not only have formal qualifications in health and wellness but they’ve overcome their own health challenges and have loads of personal experiences making them experts… Continue Reading

Meet Leiden’s Newest Fitness and Exercise Professional, Brooke Crisp

  ‘It always puts a big smile on my face, seeing my clients being able to achieve things that they didn’t think they could. It’s such a rewarding experience when they come to you and say “I don’t have pain anymore” or “I haven’t been able to do that in years”,’ explains fitness specialist, Brooke Crisp. Brooke is Leiden’s newest addition to the health and wellness team. We interviewed Brooke last week and she reveals to us why she loves teaching others about exercise and fitness, ‘For me it is an industry that doesn’t feel like work; everyday I get… Continue Reading

The Environment – Our Built, Natural and Personal Surroundings

  The environment is something we are all familiar with. When we refer to the environment we are referring to our surroundings, everything around us. The environment exists on a macro and micro level. Think about the immediate surroundings like home, work and school, then broaden out to the neighborhood and the entire city where we reside, the country and then the entire planet and beyond. At each level environmental factors impact our health and wellbeing and how we engage with our lives. We humans also have a massive impact on our environment with our choices and actions. There is… Continue Reading

Our Emotional Health and Wellbeing

  Taking care of your emotional health is as important as taking care of your physical body. We rest when we feel a head cold coming on, we exercise to maintain our physical health and we dress warmly on a cold day, but how do we look after and maintain our emotional health? And how can we process our feelings in a healthy way when life throws a curve ball? It’s important to understand that we all have emotions and feelings. We all feel angry, sad, frustrated, content, joyful, depressed, excited, rage, happiness, fear, shame, and guilt at some point… Continue Reading

QL2 Connected – Contemporary Dance Explores Connection

‘In this digital age we are so connected to our phones, our computers and social media that it can create a physical disconnection. The digital age is a fabulous thing, but in some ways it is not. In being so connected through our devices we are losing the human-to-human connection and also the connection to ourselves.’ – Ruth Osbourne, Artistic Director QL2 Centre for Youth Dance   We at Leiden have recently been talking about the benefits of creating and maintaining connections within our community in our Building a Healthy Lifestyle series so when we found out the theme behind… Continue Reading

Our Community, Social Health and Relationships

  Humans are social creatures. We have an innate need to connect and be social with other people. The connections we create with others adds meaning and value to our lives. For most, our immediate family are some of the first people that we connect and socialise with. They play a huge role in shaping our lives during our formative years, offering support for our growth and development into adulthood. As we move through the different stages of life we meet other people, we make friends of varying ages and sexes. We build a variety of relationships. These relationships offer… Continue Reading

Spirituality And Our Health And Wellbeing

  What is spirituality? How is it linked to our health and wellbeing?   Spirituality is commonly misunderstood. Many of us confuse spirituality with religious beliefs. This brings about pre-existing ideas and beliefs about the impact of religion on discussions about spirituality. Whilst spirituality may incorporate aspects of religion, spirituality is a broader concept. It’s important to emphasise that it’s possible to be spiritual without necessarily being part of an organised religion. There are some differences between the two that could change the way we understand spirituality and its benefits for our health and wellbeing. Religion is a specific set… Continue Reading