Product Review: Black Chicken Remedies AXILLA Deodorant Paste

  Over these past few years I’ve been searching for products that are not harmful to others and therefore not harmful to me, a transition and conscious decision to no longer use products tested on animals and now products that contain ingredients that I can pronounce. Your skin is your biggest organ so I began there, with face wash, moisturisers and then deodorant. My boyfriend at the time had never used deodorant as he detested the classic teenage boy gassing of LYNX and insisted on spritzing his underarms with Burberry until he discovered Aseop’s deodorant. That’s where I started. My… Continue Reading

My Favourite Beauty Ritual with Kara Burdack

  For as long as I can remember showers have been one of my favourite pastimes. Rain hail or shine a hot shower can be your saviour. Growing up with only the supply of rainwater, my father was always yelling at me to get out and timing me in fear I would drain the tank. This never stopped me and now that my parents have renovated their bathroom, when I visit them in their shower paradise there is no stopping me sneaking into their rather ginormous ensuite for that combination of rain and handheld heads. If you’re without the shower… Continue Reading