Period Panties – 9.5 new age nappies out of 10

  Have you ever thought about how much waste you (I’m presuming only females are reading this) produce every month from your period? Think of the amount of tampons and pads you go through just in those 4-7 days! Now times that by twelve and then times that by the number of adult females in the world… that’s a lot of gross waste hanging about the earth. It’s become clear that something needs to be done and unlike plastic bags, the solution isn’t as easy as just stop selling them. That would end in disaster. And a lot of blood… Continue Reading

Girl Boss Review – 7 East West Vintage Jackets out of 10

  This show should come with a ‘stick with it’ plea at the end of the first episode. Girl Boss is one of the latest Netflix original series’ joining a collection of shows such as 13 Reasons Why and Stranger Things. Netflix is pretty much killing it at the moment and if you’re someone in need of a little motivation to do that thing you’ve always dreamed of doing, Girl Boss may just be the show for you. In the first ep we meet Sophia running out of petrol on an infamous San Fransisco hill in 2006 and we soon… Continue Reading