Turmeric Lattes with the Golden Grind

  Turmeric is an aromatic powder that has been celebrated in eastern countries for centuries for it’s healing properties and is commonly used as a spice in curries and hot drinks brewed over the stove (namely in India). However the turmeric hot drink has now become equally celebrated in western society, trending in popular cafes around Australia due to the creators of Golden Grind. Golden Grind is a turmeric blend founded by co-owners husband and wife team Tahli and Renwick Watts and sister Sage Greenwood. The group were working together in their own café, Evolve Food Store in Belgrave, where they started making… Continue Reading

What To Do When You Have Lost Your Merry This Winter

  I am pretty lucky, for some reason I have a natural predisposition to be optimistic and happy. I genuinely feel blessed to be healthy, doing something I love and to have amazing people in my life. However this week I lost my merry a little. A few events happened that threw me around mentally, and then I got sick which left me a little behind with work. I didn’t have the energy to reply to simple texts, emails and every time I looked in the mirror I felt pretty unattractive. My nose was red, my eyes were puffy and… Continue Reading

Life in Style – The Journey of a Designer

This year I decided to embark on the journey of doing a trade show. Taking my brand Merry People [Dani is the owner of designer rainwear label Merry People] to a wider audience to obtain orders & exposure to the Australian and New Zealand fashion and lifestyle industry. For those unfamiliar – a trade show is where a business sets up a shop front within an exhibition type building over a series of days. Retail buyers come through to look at your products or service and potentially make wholesale orders. Media, stylists, and agents also come through the show. I… Continue Reading