Fitting in at ModCloth

  It’s pretty safe to say most retailers are expanding into the digital world and increasing their online presence by making their products available online. Last year alone, online retail in Australia grew at five times that of the more traditional ‘brick and mortar’ sales. It seems counter-intuitive, then, that online retailer ModCloth would do the complete opposite. The end of 2016 marked the opening of the first ‘brick and mortar’ store for the retailer; up until then they had been doing all of their business online. The store was opened in Austin, Texas. A city known just as much… Continue Reading

The Perfection of Style

  A wonderful new exhibition displaying a beautiful collection of the seminal designer Yves Saint Laurent came to my hometown, Seattle, this October. The Seattle Art Museum is host to this inspiring collection featuring over 110 complete outfits spanning more than 40 years of Laurent’s career. The outfits ranged Laurent’s innovative ready-to-wear collections to custom made couture pieces. YSL saved everything when he started his own fashion house in 1962, the collection features an amazing range of outfit sketches and fabric samples, giving an incredible insight into his creative process. From the moment I entered the exhibition rooms I was… Continue Reading

Fashion Flashbacks

  Downsizing your own wardrobe is never a very fun activity, but have you ever tried downsizing someone else’s? Recently I helped my mother go through some of her old clothes to donate to clean out some space. I was amazed and delighted at some of the garments she had kept for such a long time. Not just by the fashions but by the stories she could tell with each item, transported me back to another time. The simple chore of cleaning out her closet soon became a game of dress-ups and allowed Mum to reminisce about the past. The… Continue Reading

Solving the Mysteries of Solo Travel

  I recently went on the trip of a lifetime, ticking off countless places I had on my bucket list, living my dream. What made this different to any other vacation is that I chose to do this solo. Though this trip was in the USA, a country which I have been living for the last year, I was still met with a range of reactions from surprised to keenly interested. There does seem to be an air of mystery about solo travel to those who haven’t taken the plunge and done it themselves. I hope that by answering some… Continue Reading

Computer Programmers are Supermodels not Geeks

  Gone are the days when the programmer/ computer scientist was a stereotyped weirdo with no social skills and most often thought of as male. This stereotype was shattered by supermodel Karlie Kloss who has taught herself how to code (the skills behind becoming a programmer) and is now sponsoring a program to get young girls in the United States into coding. Kloss, of Victoria’s Secret fame,  says coding is a superpower and opens an unlimited amount of doors and girls need to be encouraged into the field as they are currently under-represented. I can also say I am breaking… Continue Reading

The Shopaholics Guide to Packing

I think most of us can agree that the hardest part of traveling is packing your bag. If you, like me consider yourself a shopaholic then the struggle of packing is even more challenging. My wardrobe at home is overflowing; I don’t consider myself a hoarder, I just like shopping. No matter how long the trip it’s always incredibly easy to fill a suitcase, or three, or four! Recently I’ve found myself having to do this more often. I’m fortunate enough to be able to travel quite frequently at the moment. After a lot of practise I can say I’m… Continue Reading