Treatment Review: Microblading

I’m not sure about you but I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with brows.   When I found out about feather tattoo and microblading, I was intrigued. My first thoughts were of my mum’s friends with their blue stained tattoo brows which I definitely was not a fan of. Microblading or feathering tattoos have come a long way since then. Rather than a solid block of colour, hair strokes are drawn on, mimicking natural brow hairs. I recently did mine and cannot be happier. I do not need to fill in my brows any more as I wake… Continue Reading

Fashion meets Baking – An Interview with Saadia Masood of La Ombre Creations

  What’s the connection between fashion and cakes? For Saadia Masood, owner of local business La Ombre Creations, there is a small distinction between the two – Saadia turned her previous career of being a dress designer to designing and making cakes. We were privileged to ask Saadia questions about her influences and inspirations and a little about herself and La Ombre Creations.   Bec: When and how did you get into baking? Saadia: Back in Pakistan, I was a casual dress designer and always loved to create and bring my visions to life. After moving to Australia in 2005,… Continue Reading

Review: The Huntsman Winter’s War

  The Huntsman: Winter’s War acts as both the prequel and sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman. The beginning of the movie tells the story of Ravenna’s (Charlize Theron) younger sister, Freya (Emily Blunt). While Ravenna is amassing her kingdom, Freya has fallen in love with a duke however he is already engaged to someone else. She ends up bearing his child, and on the night they are meant to run away with each other, tragedy strikes and her lover ends up killing their child, unleashing her latent ice freezing abilities. Ravenna sends her off to start her own… Continue Reading

Korean Beauty Trends Influencing the Western Beauty Market

Following the explosion of the BB (beauty/blemish balm) cream—an all in one face primer, foundation, concealer, and sunscreen—into the western market, Korean beauty products and trends have been at the forefront of the industry. The typical Korean look is generally natural and all about youthfulness, think plump, firm skin, full brows, and a dewy/glowing complexion. Korean women would rather be told they look young than pretty. Here are some products/trends coming out of Korea you should know about:   BB Cushion Compact The cushion compact is the next level BB cream. It has the same principles of the BB but… Continue Reading

How to – The Korean Ten Step Cleanse

Have you noticed that Korean people have the most translucent looking skin, or that their makeup is always on point? It’s generally very natural and simple looking with a youthful glow. “How do they do it?”, you ask. It all starts with the skincare. The acclaimed Korean skincare routine can average around ten steps. It’s all about layering thin amounts of product to build and hydrate the skin.   Prep – removing your makeup with makeup wipes or removers. Oil cleanser – oil cleansers are an essential step in the routine, removing any residue of makeup and lifting any oils/dirt… Continue Reading