Three ways to Feel Better by Bedtime

  Christmas might just be my favourite time of year. The gift giving, spending time with family and friends and the fact that everyone seems to be in a perpetually good mood. But perhaps the greatest thing about the festive season is the smorgasbord of food on offer. This holiday season I ate my way through several Christmas parties, numerous office treats and a Christmas day that felt like one long meal right into Boxing Day. They say that good food is one of life’s greatest pleasures and I have well and truly indulged, leaving no treat left un-tasted. However,… Continue Reading

Deciding to Get Fit for the Last Time Changed My Whole Life

  Late last year I had an epiphany. It was the kind of realisation that is so strikingly obvious that you can’t comprehend how it didn’t occur to you earlier. I was stuck in an endless cycle. I would exercise intensely and follow a strict eating plan for months in the lead up to an event and then once the event had passed, turn into a take-out-ordering-couch-potato as a way of decompressing It occurred to me that not only was this exhausting cycle a total waste of my time and energy, it felt like it was getting harder each time… Continue Reading

The Best Snacks You Can Keep in Your Desk Drawer

  There are two types of people in the world: those that get to the end of the day and realise they forgot to eat lunch and those that start thinking about lunch as soon as they finish breakfast; I am the latter. I fear being without food when I’m hungry like some people fear encounters with creepy crawlies. It is for this reason that I always make sure I am surrounded by ample snacks, in my handbag and especially in my desk drawer. That way, when the 3pm munchies hit or I need to stay back at work to… Continue Reading