Downright delightful Darwin

  If you’re living in Australia and aren’t situated in the northern regions, no doubt you’ve been plotting an escape to some sort of tropical paradise. And I can’t blame you. By all accounts this winter has been one for the history books as the coldest, wettest, stingiest winters of all time (according to me and my own deduction skills). Predominantly when us Aussies plan a toe-thawing time away we look further abroad to places like Bali, Thailand or even (if you’re a gazillion-aire) the Italian coastline. But I’m here to question those choices and poise a query for you… Continue Reading

Fashion and Beauty Blogs to Follow When You Don’t Know Much About Fashion or Beauty

“Beauty is not a competition. All women want is to be the best version of themselves.” – Sue Bryce, Photographer   Have you ever scanned through the pages of Vogue or clicked through the images on Refinery29 and been overwhelmed with the amount of fashion news or beauty tips being thrown about like confetti? Are you interested in changing your look or experimenting with colour blocking, but aren’t quite sure where to start or even what colour blocking is? Psst, guess what? You are not alone. For many of us more quiet observers, it can be difficult to navigate through… Continue Reading

A journey through 200 Years of Australian Fashion

From skilfully knitted jumpers starring cockatoos, to custom capes made from possum fur: this is Australian fashion through the ages. The National Gallery of Victoria’s 200 Years of Australian Fashion exhibition involves more than 120 works from over 90 Australian fashion designers. Presented throughout four large gallery rooms at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, it is the first retrospective of Australian fashion to be undertaken on home ground. The exhibition highlights the significant impact of geography on design and function of Australian garments, both in terms of Australia’s isolation from the rest of the world, and the country’s diverse… Continue Reading