The Bad Day

I think that I am bad at my job,
And I should probably be fired.
I bet my colleagues think that too,
And wish I’d never been hired.

None of my work is up to scratch,
I can’t do anything properly.
The i’s aren’t dotted, the t’s aren’t crossed:
I do everything quite sloppily.

I can’t write, I can’t plan,
I can’t organise, I can’t budget,
I forget things that are on my list
And often have to fudge it.

I get to this sad state sometimes,
A hole of my own creation.
And often I stay there for a while
From the office until the tube station.

I pull myself out by thinking
Of the big things I have completed.
Some OK, some good, some applauded, in fact,
And I feel a little less defeated.

You are not the work you do,
You are not the task you forgot.
The Earth won’t stop spinning for this,
Although right now, it seems like a lot.

I know that my team like me,
I even make them laugh,
And if they thought of me like I do,
They wouldn’t have kept me as staff.

I tell myself that everyone
Has likely felt the same,
When they forget a deadline, or miss a step,
And that mistakes are just part of the game.

But tomorrow you can do better,
You can come back with a master plan!
(Or just a fresh pair of eyes, or more energy
And hope that shit doesn’t hit the fan).

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Cait Meredith

Cait lives in London. She writes about why she hates diets and funny stuff her Grandma says. She likes good books, good bread and good bad TV.

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