News Round Up – February 2019


The Guardian

Grace Woodward: ‘Clothes became my coping mechanism’

Eva Wiseman, 16/12/18

‘For years, fashion stylist Grace Woodward worked for clients including The X Factor, Britain’s Next Top Model and Agent Provocateur. Now she has turned her back on it all. Here, she talks abuse, weight and naked selfies.’

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Business of Fashion

Monetising Meghan Markle

Elizabeth Homes, 17/12/18

‘The Duchess of Sussex’s influencer past and a shift in stance from Kensington Palace has emboldened brands to better capitalise on the moment when the royal wears their wares.’

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Business of Fashion

Vogue Runway Is Charging Some Brands to Post Their Collection Images

Chantal Fernandez, 23/1/19

‘Vogue now includes brands that pay a $20,000 fee on its fashion week hub, displaying images from their shows alongside better-known labels selected by the magazine’s editors.’

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These Women Make Your Zara Jeans. Now, They’re Demanding to Be Paid Fairly

Jennifer Chowdhury, 22/1/19

‘On Monday, January 13th, 22-year-old Bobita Akhter joined thousands of textile workers in Bangladesh—the world’s second largest garments exporter—to protest for fairer wages.’

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The Sydney Morning Herald

Haute couture blackface: Gucci forced to pull ‘racist’ top from shops


Gucci has apologised after complaints that a wool jumper with an oversized collar designed to cover the face resembled blackface makeup, and said the item had been pulled from its online and physical stores.

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The Guardian

Deciem founder Brandon Truaxe, the brain behind The Ordinary brand, dies aged 40

Sam Levin, 22/1/19

Company’s acting CEO says staff are ‘heartbroken’ following loss of founder, which comes months after he was removed from his role

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The Sydney Morning Herald

Make-up empire Napoleon Perdis collapses with hundreds of jobs at risk

Patrick Hatch, Andrew Hornery & Carolyn Cummins, 31/1/19

‘Make-up mogul Napoleon Perdis has taken a swing at “greedy landlords”, “dead” shopping centres and uncompromising bankers as his eponymous retail cosmetics empire collapsed into administration on Thursday.’

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ABC News

Miscarriage shouldn’t be the ‘Voldemort’ of pregnancy — thanks Kelly O’Dwyer for naming it

Emma A Jane, 21/1/19

‘Imagine if men were expected to turn up to work and act normal even if they were bleeding, doubled-over with abdominal pain, and grief stricken because their baby just died. This is often exactly what happens when working women miscarry and succumb to the immense social pressure to keep quiet.’Read More


The Atlantic

Rising Instagram Stars Are Posting Fake Sponsored Content

Taylor Lorenz, 18/12/18

‘ “It looked sponsored, but it’s not,” she said. Her followers are none the wiser. “They just assume everything is sponsored when it really isn’t,” she said. And she wants it that way.’

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The Age

I know all the risks but I’m still going to take drugs at festivals

Anonymous, 6/1/19

‘For many, the solution to drug related deaths is much simpler than pill-testing: just stop taking them. Anyone who has been to a festival in the past few years would quickly realise that as long as this attitude continues, deaths will continue.’

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The Conversation

Sugar daddy capitalism: even the world’s oldest profession is being uberised

Peter Fleming, 14/1/19

‘Such sites, as I argue in a recently published book, symbolise the rise of what I call sugar daddy capitalism – a deformalisation movement at the centre of Western capitalism that is erasing already blurred lines between commercial and non-commercial worlds.’

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The Sydney Morning Herald

Men of Australia, it’s time to pick your side

Clementine Ford, 17/1/19

‘The body of the woman found in bushes at Bundoora, in Melbourne’s north, has been identified, and the worst seems confirmed: another young woman’s life has been ended by a man who chose to inflict sexual and physical violence on her.’

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The New York Times

Why Are Young People Pretending to Love Work?

Erin Griffith, 26/1/19

‘I saw the greatest minds of my generation log 18-hour days — and then boast about #hustle on Instagram. When did performative workaholism become a lifestyle?’

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ABC News

Internet trolls are not who I thought — they’re even scarier

Ginger Gorman, 2/2/19

In 2017, I wrote a major investigation into predator trolling that went viral. ‘Buffeted by its success, I took up the offer to write a book. It wasn’t an easy decision, given how much trolls had threatened my family. I thought I knew what I was walking into. But it turns out I had no idea.’

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On Women As A Class: Materialist Feminism and Mass Struggle

Alyson Escalante, 22/11/19

‘The relationship between gender and capital is complex, but a materialist approach to both requires us to recognize the centrality of proletarian revolution for the liberation of women.’

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The Next Financial Crisis Could Be Caused by Climate Change

Geoff Dembicki, 29/1/19

‘After wildfires bankrupted a major utility, there’s concerns that more severe natural disasters will lead to economic devastation.’

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The New Yorker

What Can You Do with a General

Emma Cline, 4/2/19

‘Linda was inside, on her phone—to who, this early? From the hot tub, John watched her pace in her robe and an old swimsuit in a faded tropical print that probably belonged to one of the girls. It was nice to drift a little in the water, to glide to the other side of the tub, holding his coffee above the waterline, the jets churning away.’

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The New Yorker

Emma Cline on Anger and Nostalgia

Willing Davidson, 28/1/19

‘In writing this story, I was thinking about the tremendous power that parents have over their children—a level of absolute control that can often be destructive.’

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