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Business of Fashion

Chanel Is Banning Exotic Skins: Here’s Why

Brian Baskin, 4/12/18

‘The Parisian fashion house announced Monday that it would stop manufacturing products made from snakes, crocodiles, lizards and more, citing difficulty obtaining responsibly sourced skins. What does this mean for its bottom line, and for the industry at large?’

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Business of Fashion

Op-Ed | Why Chanel’s Exotic Skins Ban Is Wrong

Daniel Natusch, Rosie Cooney, Tomas Waller and Grahame Webb, 6/12/18

‘While well-meaning, the French luxury house’s move to stop manufacturing products made from snakes, crocodiles, lizards and other reptiles will hurt animal conservation efforts and local communities, argue Daniel Natusch, Rosie Cooney, Tomas Waller and Grahame Webb.’

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Business of Fashion

Op-Ed | How Premium Mediocre Conquered Fashion

Eugene Rabkin, 7/12/18

‘Brands are giving the masses the illusion that they are consuming luxury, when in reality they are doing nothing of the sort, argues Eugene Rabkin.’

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Teen Vogue

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Had Its Lowest Ratings Ever

Alyssa Hardy, 3/12/18

‘The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired on December 2 and according to Entertainment Weekly, it garnered its lowest ratings ever. Clocking in at 3.3 million viewers for the 2018 show (compared to 5 million last year), the show’s viewership has consistently dropped by millions each year since 2013.’

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The Washington Post

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is too boring to even argue about

Robin Givhan, 3/12/18

‘In the midst of a revenue death spiral, a withering public debate over its lack of diversity and the resignation of the brand’s CEO of lingerie, the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show was broadcast Sunday night with its usual array of long-legged models, bedazzled bras and celestial wings. And yet, the whole hour-long shindig was a bore. A snooze. A shrug. Oh, my Lord, it was dull.’

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Sydney Morning Herald

Super for women? Retirement disruptors prepare for launch

Emma Koehn, 3/12/18

‘The startup will aim to build “the financial power of women” by inviting them to join a super fund that will screen investments through a gender lens, including only investing in businesses with women on their boards and meeting specific ethical requirements across supply chains.’

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Final Editors Letter

Tavi Gevinson, 30/11/18

‘It is with a very full heart that I write that this is the last post on Rookie. The site will stay up for at least a few months, the shop will stay up until the end of the year, but the publication is folding. (Thankfully, books are forever.)’

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What Does the End of Rookie Magazine Say About the Future of Media?

The Writers, 6/12/18

‘Media as we know it is changing, and 2018 saw a significant shift. Below, Man Repeller’s editorial team discusses why that is and what it might mean for us and the future of publishing. Give it a read and then let us know what you think in the comments. We’re eager to hear what you have to say and cherish your perspective, especially given the context.’

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Emma Batchelor

Emma Batchelor

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